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  1. Hi Etenil. So i flew your little mission and i have some ideas that might help you build a campaign. I am a very poor mission designer myself so some of my ideas might not be doable. Also i cant see the Albatross going against a MiG-21, the speed of the MiG is too superior. First i missed a comment when the plane went down, like haha we got the bastard, return to base kinda thing. Anyway here are some ideas. -High value ground target, moving from one town to another, here is our chance kind of mission. -grounded airplanes at an airport, put a few holes in the enemies planes -your guerrilla got the sniff of some missiles stored in a warehouse, go over there and reduce the enemy forces, hummers, trucks, personnel a certain % before your guerrilla troops reaches the place and do the rest of the job. Voila we have us some missiles. Same can be done fort bombs/rockets if you wish. -Bomb some important dudes summer house in the mountains while he is on holiday. -The occupied forces got the sniff something fishy is going on in Beslan and are reported seen with choppers through a town, scramble up there and get those choppers and relocate to another base -a wingman would be cool to have, maybe a friend got out of somewhere in another albatross, and you need to go and help him, he has some other albatrosses on his ass. Free beer for everyone at the bar when you land :-D -Blockade at a bridge, you need to go there and get it sorted so the guerrilla troops can get past and mess with a factory I see the majority of the missions against ground targets with guns and rockets and bombs, while some air to air with missiles when you can get them. I dont think you need to involve Jet fighters, choppers like mi-8, huey or gazelle you can involve. Lets say the occupying forces are busy with their real airforce to fend off something and not much bothered with sending their massive forces your way. And triggered messages through the radio as you fly is great, lets say when your guys go to get some missiles they update you on how far away they are, it increases the stress factor to finish something a bit, like your first mission here, a message that the plane is spotted over whatever and about to get away, is nice in my opinion. Good luck! i would love to see something with this plane :-)
  2. And if i instantly quit the mission twice, i win!
  3. I get an error when i quit the mission. I assume i have placed it correct in the folder?
  4. Ok i see what i did there, i forgot to switch on Po-750 Inverters, now it works perfectly :-)
  5. Thank you for the reply. On auto it goes right up to 10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8lYDsQ4odnBdUpqZkNYckNBbkU
  6. Recently got an issue that when after i have started the plane and switch on the nose cone there is a sound like chaff's being released and some puffs and engine stops. Like this video. https://youtu.be/m7qzsVMSHhE Anyone else have this or know why this could happen?
  7. This campaign is what i have been looking forto play every weekend for the past few months i must say, i go though 1 or 2 every weekend and it is brilliantly made, you bring some very nice ideas to the missions that i never would have thought of, the missions fits right in with this aircraft and what it can do. I am scared of completing it now, because i have no clue what to spend my time with next :-(
  8. I cant even see planes when im merged so i end up flying in circles, now i can see them at least :-D
  9. First off i want to say i think this version of blueflag is better than the previous ones as its more factors in play than before. Here are some toughts/wishes/comments. - I wished there was some way to whitelist on the servers, as this campaign has increased in popularity, we continously get ppl who log in and havent even read up on it and it would be interesting to know how much fuel they waste by changing planes on the airport, or land and then select a new slot of plane of the same type cause they think its like the other servers. -Guest slots, for those not registered or whitelisted there should be a few guest slots they could use so they could try the campaign, right now many slots can be taken by guests who spend 30 min figuring stuff out before logging, or taking all the observer slots. -fuel depots might be a good idea, if it was possible that when u had one it would slowly refuel your airport (oil rigs at sea? ai ships? just brainstorming) This will relief those who fly choppers some to do some fun stuff instead. Also if no choppers is online the jet fighters could cap an oil field that would slowly fill the airport and they would at least have a chance to defend a bit. -Wish there was a way that the server checked if u were on teamspeak before it would let u play :-P Probably a lot of the things is limited by the structure the whole server environment is built upon, but Blueflag proves that people love playing togheter in a dynamic environement and hopefully ED can make it so people can make great multiplayer content that works smoothly :-D
  10. I blame you all for my lack of sleep!! Thank you for bringing this back :-D
  11. Nickname: Seadog Your profile at ED forum: http://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=108121 Chosen plane type: MiG-15bis Country of residence: Norway Time: GMT+1 Language of communication: English, Norwegian Confirmation of familiarization with regulations of the tournament and the obligation to comply with them: Familiarized with regulations of this tournament, oblige myself to comply with them.
  12. For dynamic campaigns, take a look here. http://opblueflag-buddyspike.rhcloud.com/
  13. Hi. Would like to register for Blue Flag as a red lonewolf. Callsign: Seadog Preferred aircrafts: su-27, Mig-21, A10C-Warthdog Best Regards Proctoron
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