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  1. The AI wingman only fires one round per pod when running in on a moving target and then goes around for another attack repeating the same thing. Have not tested a stationary target. Accuracy is also a problem, the one round lands about 30m short of the target (that's a guess as it's difficult to tell the exact distance)
  2. As far as I know the steam version is still 1.2, so thats probably where your problem is. If you using 1.5 then you need to add your key to your DCS files user profile and then it will prompt you to download when you start DCS and log in.
  3. Sure, i5 4690 3.5GHz or MHz or whatever it is 8GB Ram GTX750TI This does not happen all the time, it happens ever now and then, almost like something has got stuck, odd I tell ya.
  4. Pic 1, the new an improved Mig 21 Ion Drive afterburner taken directly out of the USS Enterprise :thumbup: Pic 2 the new and improved EWR system and camo canopy add on :music_whistling: Pic 3 The new and improved ASO-345.43eb :noexpression: These are some of the glitches I am experiencing, just thought I would show you. I think the ASO missing texture has been reported already. The odd thing is it doesn't always happen, some flights are fine others not so much. Also I have been flying my slick for a few weeks, but what I have found is that the MIG21 module for some reason seems to
  5. Ok so it's not just me, I could not be sure of the blades because I have been flying at night and that's when I noticed it, using the NVG, but I also get these things happening too, Belsimtek pimping our rides its seems. :smilewink:
  6. Ahhh ok, so nothing to do with actual aircraft damage, thanks for clearing that up, been driving me nuts for about a week or so, awesome, :thumbup:.
  7. I have found that if I set my player's aircraft to any damage level apart from 100% then all sorts of havoc ensues. My player won't spawn sometimes, even though the mission loads, sometimes my player will spawn but the AI aircraft won't that's on the same airfield, sometimes myself and everything else will spawn and sometimes nothing will spawn including myself, and sometimes I cannot contact the ATC, its just not on the list, if I set my damage back to 100%, then well everything seems to be just peachy. So what am I doing wrong or is it a bug in 1.5? Only just tried with damaged player air
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