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  1. Bill & John are nowhere near this league in my opinion. Quite simply the most amazing movie I've seen since I first started watching machinima movies a couple of years back!!! Oh... and ya gotta love the Aphex Twin track. Chris Cunningham couldn't have done a better job :thumbup:
  2. Cheers. You can't go wrong with a bit of Boards of Canada :smilewink:
  3. I second that!! Making the music work for you is one of the top priorities in my opinion, and you certainly got a feel for it in this movie. The taxi light illuminating in time with the orchestra crescendo got me straight away... what an entrance :thumbup: Nice vid... hope to see more of 'em.
  4. No probs, I've just uploaded it to rapidshare also. There's a new link in the 1st message. Strange site that Rapidshare... let's me upload but I can't download anything from it :huh:
  5. I forgot it to include it :doh: Sorted now.
  6. Hi All Just thought I'd upload a movie trailer / intro I'd been messing about with a while back. I haven't had time to do any movie making for about a month now, and at this rate you guys will have released a couple of VFAT 2007 movies before I get my VFAT 2006 movie done :joystick:. I was maybe gonna use it as the intro but I'm not sure now... but there's a couple of shots in there that I like so I'm sharing it anyway :D Here's the link if anyone wants a look: http://www.rogepost.com/n/5504986734 Rapidshare link: http://rapidshare.com/files/24154537/Trails.avi
  7. Looking nice. Looks like your making the jump from Vegas to After Effects pretty smoothly :thumbup: The heat blur effects look a lot better than the Lockon stock effect, and the runway shimmer is a nice touch. The sky replacements look awesome though... I guess the next step is to work out how to replace the sky on moving shots :D Maximum Bob
  8. Hey Amraam Is there any chance you could upload the clips to another site or email them to me? I can't get them through rapidshare as it doesn't like my router :(
  9. Hi Lenny Ha ha... college would expain it. Nice movie ya got there :thumbup:
  10. Bingo :D Cheers some1. LOD trick works like a charm.
  11. Damn thats some good editing!!!! I just looked at the comments on the Patricks Aviation site and he says it was made "over the last 2 or so weeks". Does this person never sleep???:huh:
  12. Cheers everyone. I'll give that blank model trick a try later on today Some1 :thumbup: And yeah, I'm making a Lomac movie and think I could get some good panning shots if I lock the camera to a moving object... I just don't want the object to show up in the film (being invisible online may be a good trick though :))
  13. Yeah, the Bill et John movie is excellent. I think there are better Lomac movies around though :)
  14. Hi guys I have a bit of a strange request: Say I want to replace an ingame model with another 3d model... except the new 3d model would be blank/invisible/nothing. How easy would this be to do considering I have no knowledge of Lomac modding?? Basically what I'm trying to do is replace a ground vehicle (hummer for e.g.) with a blank object, so that an external camera could snap to it... but it wouldn't be visible. Not sure if that makes any sense :huh: Any ideas?
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