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  1. We have people here giving us informed opinions... It would be nice if someone from the ED team responded at the same level, not like this. All I'm saying is elaborate; we really want to know more.
  2. You can get it to 14G by switching Pitch CAS off. The flanker breaks at exactly 12g, slow down the track replay to check that.
  3. Yes they attached right. The fuel thing seems to be a bug. I posted a report and it never got looked at. According to the tacview the airframe was going bananas at 9g?
  4. Yep that will take you to around 14G at 800Km/h which is a definite wing dismemberment.
  5. The instant you hit 12G it breaks apart. Did you have anything loaded up?and how much fuel?
  6. With the latest update gone are our high g turns. However I feel concerned with the 12G limit, the plane instantly breaks apart at that point. While the F-15 can be taken there for a while(and even to 13G with CAS off). At least do it for both frames for the sake of realism and fairness.
  7. Around 5,000m ASL, I will try higher altitudes and share the results by tomorrow.
  8. I overlooked the launch platform's speed however, when launching at the same altitude and speed the AIM-120 has the speed advantage.
  9. Again I am speaking of shots which are in close proximity (<15km away). They have become hard to evade. Attached are images of an R-27ER and AIM-120C launched at similar conditions( The R-27ER has lower altitude because it dived). This is the most similar case I could find to compare. However look through the tacviews and you'll see that the AIM-120C is going faster. If what the people above are saying is true then I might only guess that the R-27ER is now performing worse and thus my previous tactics are no longer compatible.
  10. In the recent patches AMRAAMs have gotten progressively hard to evade. I am facing the following problems: (This is for shots within 15km) -Chaff is completely ineffective. I had infinite weapons enabled and chaffed like crazy while notching to no avail. -Notching is very specific. You have to be completely perpendicular with zero relative speed (which is dangerous if the notch fails) -Pulling into the missile is not as effective as the missiles seem to be faster now. Even with the G-limiter off (only W) I can only evade the missile by pulling hard enough to blackout. The problem i
  11. Thank you for the reply, I am asking about the numbers that appear next to the targets. There is no mention of them in the manual. I do believe that represent the altitudes, not sure though.
  12. When in BVR mode the hdd shows numbers next to the targets, what do those numbers represent?
  13. Yep, nothing has changed. You still have to apply the breaks for a second over and over. Holding it will most certainly cause a blowout even below 40kmph
  14. The Su-27 doesn't carry external fuel, the command is for external stores. The auto-pilot is bugged right now, you have to trim properly before activating it and maintain a speed above 600kmph.
  15. It would really be great if someone would post a bug report. Maybe someone with high rep so it'll be looked at.
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