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  1. Damn it, today i was in the Hyperlobby, and started from a airfield anywhere in Turkey. I wondered how this could be but after lockin on the map of turkey i saw the town merzifon and i remembered this mod's name. Why did you remove Razdolnoye? What is the sense of this turkish airfield? :cry:
  2. Wow i really wonder how you guys can exhaust those QCs. In most cases the second core of my E6420 ist not used at all (ok maybe 1-2%), most games I play do not even support DC. My E6420 is actually running at 3GHZ, and i think an e6850 has some OC potential either. I don't like comparing OCed CPUs with non-OCed ones.
  3. No Problem! But I think the fact that you can't see friendly SAM Radars on TEWS is a bug or was it planned by ED?
  4. But you know that Lock On is a little older than R6:Vegas, don't you? And of course, 3DMark is a kind of stress test, especially for your GPU. Just compare the graphics of Lock On with those of R:6 Vegas and 3DMark. I would be strange if Lock On would consume more power than 3DMark:lol: Besides, 300W is a pretty high value. Did you increase VCore?
  5. Or how your sig says: Irren ist menschlich... ^^
  6. Sorry but did you read my first post? Maybe you should read it (again).
  7. It was already in the list when i uploaded the first version.
  8. Remember, there is also a Israeli F-15 in Lock On ;). Didn't get friendly SAMs on radar. Simple mistake, but has a reason: On the Lock On mission editor map it did not have any circles, like all SAM units have, so I forgot it. Now i hope i have corrected everything Changelog: Airborne Radars: -added F-14A Ground Units: -added Buk launcher (11), -added S-300PS track radar (10) -added Gepard (GP) -corrected 1L13EWR and 56G RWR Ships: added Moscow (T2). Do you think it would be practial if i sort the radar emmiters e.g by their radar strength or by alph
  9. Ok thanks, it was very hard for me to detect how the track radars are called on tews, because they always appeared very close to the search radars, so i couldnt read their name.
  10. Sorry, i thought that would be clear. Do you really thing it is necessary to ad this? I added F14 and correct the mistakes mentioned by Teka Teka.
  11. Yeah sorry, i know that, of course, but i wrote the wrong thing down.
  12. Hello out there! Because I thought one can't keep all these threat symbols on the RWR of the american fighters in mind I've made a new list with all radar emitters and their abbreviation on TEWS. I know, there is already a list in FC Manuel (see page 186), but it is uncomplete and there are some mistakes. So here it is: Downloadlink If you find any errors or something missing please let me know. Cya Olli
  13. Hello together! Our Squad is now planning to buy our own "server-pc" because we often experience lagging when the missions become bigger and more challenging. But im not convinced whether this will bring a very much better MP Gaming Performance, because i tested it myself: I changed my graphic settings in game to as low as possible (resolutio about 320x160 and so on...) but when i joined this host, everything was lagging like with my standart graphic settings. So, will a dedicated server bring us a much better mp performance? Im really not sure....:helpsmilie:
  14. But don't buy if if you only play Lock On! You just do not need this graphic power for this game! If you want to play something like Crysis, then the 8800gtx might be good for you (but you will need a very strong cpu to use all its power)
  15. olli

    Missile Bu

    Bug seems to be cleared, no further problems, thank you! :thumbup:
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