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  1. Good advice to try out the TF-51D first and see what it is like so you have a benchmark. Then, if the complex nature of managing a warbird is for you, buy the one you are passionate about. If you are not passionate about any of them, maybe consider sticking to jets until one comes along that you are passionate about.
  2. In the download you included: DCE_Campaigns_installation_and_How_to_play-20.43.65.pdf as well as; DCE_Campaigns_installation_and_How_to_play_-_NG_20.45_-_quickV5.pdf Which might cause some confusion for some people. Also you included the DCE_Installer.exe which I don't think is required anymore with DCE_Manager.exe able to do installation.
  3. I find the P-51 sight and the P-47 sight to both be very accurate, as long as I dial in the range and wingspan correctly, no lead needed. The problem is constantly having to adjust the range correctly.
  4. Getting back on topic, Patch Notes Discussion, what does this mean? Added airfields in England: East Church, Biggin Hill, Headcorn, High Halden. We have had High Halden since release of the Channel Map
  5. HMS Indefatigable (R10) Aircraft Carried: 81 Flight Deck: Armoured USS Franklin (CV-13) Aircraft Carried: 90-100 Flight Deck: Wood (can you believe it?) The USN liaison officer on HMS Indefatigable commented: "When a kamikaze hits a U.S. carrier it means 6 months of repair at Pearl [Harbor]. When a kamikaze hits a Limey carrier it’s just a case of "Sweepers, man your brooms." Reportedly said after a kamikaze hit the Indefatigable resulting in 21 men killed and 27 wounded. Damage to the ship was minimal and the flight deck was back in operation thirt
  6. Better than that, those who are so terribly affected by ED changing release dates can just ignore the thread with the Patch Status date in it.
  7. The A-4 mod is the latest up to date and the old version was completely deleted? There was a problem when the P-47 came out, the M64 was added and the A-4 mod had it's own version. If he tries to rejoin the integrity check shield should be red, if he clicks on it it will give him the path to the texture that needs to be deleted, but he should delete the A-4 and reinstall the newest version. If it was ever mistakenly installed in the main game directory instead of Saved Games it would need to be removed from there as well. This seems like the most likely cause to me,
  8. She is Magnificent! She what I did there?
  9. Bonnie's catapult lived on in Melbourne after she was decommissioned. So is HMS Warrior the angled deck after the conversion that would become ARA Independencia or is it the straight deck that served as HMCS Warrior? Also, could you do a skin for HMCS Magnificent? She would be closer to Warrior than Bonnie was.
  10. R22! I've been waiting for your release!
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