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  1. The switch from Steam to stand alone is free, so don't let that hold you back. In fact, if you have both you can take advantage of the best of both worlds as sometimes you can get better deals on Steam and then activate it on stand alone.
  2. No idea then, people can definitely fly aircraft that you don't own on your server.
  3. Did you set both aircraft to 'Client' in the mission editor?
  4. Sounds like Windows is protecting you from yourself. Check access control and anti-virus settings
  5. Map is still in EA, there is no winter version of the map yet, hopefully it will be included soon, until then we have spring and summer only. So effectively we can simulate from March to Septembre only.
  6. To close the loop and for historical record: There may be a bug with the oil pressure in the A8, however the overall behavior as described is not unexpected. For example in my classic car the way you can tell the engine is warm enough is when the oil pressure suddenly drops to the normal zone, which is coincidentally just before the temperature enters the normal operation zone. The the oil pressure jumps to 60 psi on start up and gradually begins to drop when the temp begins to rise. As the temp approaches 70c it will suddenly drop to 35c or so from about 50c. Engine o
  7. I hope that is because a winter season is coming for the map and then we can set the temperature to less than 9c. Although it is southern England and not Canada, so the coldest it gets is not much colder than 9c anyway.
  8. was fixed some time ago. Now it won't go below 9c no matter what the date is
  9. Nobody gives a damn about auto-generated modern diesel electric locomotives in the DCS WWII community. The trains that are the problem are the WWII trains that were introduced as part of the WWII Assets Pack. As reported here: To summarize, the trains work in a limited fashion in SP but not MP. Trains placed as static objects are visible to all players in MP but when placed as dynamic trains, regardless of route, direction of travel, map or any other settings they are only visible to the host in MP.
  10. Salute LRRP, from all at your old squadron.
  11. Given that the FW 190F-8/G-8 and the P-38L are already in progress by ED and Flying Iron Simulations and the Bf 109G-6 and A6M5 are in progress as AI by ED and M3 with intentions stated to make them flyable someday maybe (and I don't care if they stay AI only) that really only leaves one aircraft suitable for our current two WWII maps. I would love to have a Spitfire Mk XIVe but a Typhoon Ib ( not car door) would be a better fit and a significant aircraft that is different from what we currently have and appropriate for the maps we have. There are a lot of other aircraft that would be easi
  12. The 262 is the sole reason that I thankfully steered clear of the Kick-starter debacle. I knew at that point that they were not serious and am glad I gave it a pass. I wish that ED would too and focus on making better decisions about content. The P-47 that they eventually gave us was not the one that was promised, I assume that they gave up trying to find information on the P-47D-28 and went with the -30, I wish they had gone with a -15 or -22 instead since they didn't deliver the -28. I also wish they would admit defeat and deliver a different aircraft that would have something to add rat
  13. But it isn't, the old forum at least you could use Tapatalk if you didn't like the desktop forum on your mobile device, this one is impossible to navigate on my Pixel and is terrible for a desktop. I always used the desktop version on my phone and it was fine. As an example, on my phone I couldn't even vote on this forum poll because it just opens automatically to the results, I had to make a special effort to find it on the desktop version when I got home from work just so I could vote on how I felt about the change.
  14. Could you do a texture that covers up the AGLs?
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