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    ...wasn't someone saying this topic wasn't controversial anymore?
  2. Wow, this got unearthed? Heh! I've done a bit of flying since then...some changes in AI behavior and better tactical yield some more recent success:
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    I'm pretty sure there's a bit more to air combat than that...
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    Well, the thread is going on 19 pages. :) That's all I meant.
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    Wow...I'm off this thread for a few months, half expecting some resolution by now. The debate about manifold pressure still rages, I see? Only on the ED forums. Ah, what a place. I mean that in a good way. I've never learned and unlearned so much about such a specific topic anywhere else. So, about those G-suits...any news on this? Seems like reasonable feature to add, based only on historical accuracy. It was super effective back in the day. I read stories about Mustangs with G-suited pilots landings with increased dihedral angles because the pilots could withstand many more G than the otherwise, and the pilots found out that they could get a lot more out of the Mustang, surprising opponents who were not expecting that kind of turn performance. Any word from ED on this? Given the choice between the controversial 72" manifold and the G-suit, my preference would be the suit for both historical and game play reasons.
  6. That's a damn good looking cockpit. Every time I see it...
  7. My individual wheel brakes don't work, only the "W" key. Neither the right or left brake work with buttons or axes. Is this already known?
  8. I built a mission for my gaming group, hoping that everyone could modify or choose their own loadouts on the ground. The ground crew, however, will refuel you only, and says "cannot comply" when asked to re-arm. This seems present in 2.0 only. Is this a bug or did I mess something up in the Mission Editor?
  9. Wait...there's really a bug that only affects the in-game month of January?
  10. Just don't make my bonehead mistake of binding "A-G Gun Mode" and wondering why it's not ranging...
  11. For your first question...TMS right and your UFC/CDU MK button do different things. As I did with that Maverick rapid fire, pressing TMS right short creates a Markpoint *where your SOI is pointing.* The MK button on the UFC and CDU do the same thing, which is to create a Markpoint *where your aircraft currently is." They call this an overhead markpoint. I'm not quite sure what your asking in the second question...I'll take a swing. Unless someone else knows a cool CDU trick, I am not aware of a way to copy a markpoint to a waypoint directly. What you can do though is slave your TGP or TAD green cross to a Markpoint and get the Lat/Long or MGRS coordinate that displays on your MFD, write that down, and create a new waypoint on it using the CDU. If you want to learn how, see more shameless self promotion here at the 11:47.
  12. Another confirmation. The ALT HOLD system causes increasing oscillations until the plane departs from control. Is this a new experiment in negative dynamic stability in the Hog? ;)
  13. Shameless self promotion, but maybe this video at 10:30 may help.
  14. All of the cockpit photos I've seen show MFD's with 5x8 OSB's. Those don't look like they'll get along well with the Thrustmaster 5x5 version... Are we going to need to do some hack and solder, or is the A-29 we get maybe going to have those 5x5's?
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    I resemble that comment.
  16. Hey, thanks for asking a question I actually know the answer to. :P
  17. Zilch


    And then the endless complaints about why we did not get F-16A/B/C/D/E/I/N/XL/79/AFTI/AGILE/ADF Block XX...
  18. Zilch

    Hellcat or Corsair?

    Aw man...the possibility of no Corsair in DCS makes my heart break. I'll buy two right now if it helps.
  19. It's the same Georgian Hammer campaign you can play by yourself, except that it's enabled with Combined Arms. This allows you to issue commands to friendly AI units. It's a bit of a challenge, especially when you need to have your ground units occupy a specific point to complete the mission. Be sure to get good coordinates for the objective.
  20. I hope it helps. Happy bombing! This is why Baltic's products are great. They force you to learn new things and really show off what is possible in DCS.
  21. In case anyone else has an old monitor or can get one cheaply, you could do like me and velcro the TM MFD's to it. It's easy to extract MFD and radar screens to a second monitor like this.
  22. Is this the one with the bunker below the thick clouds in the mountain pocket? If so, try this : Skip to 44:20. It'll show you how to drop a JDAM on coordinates without ever seeing your target, assuming you have enough MGRS digits. It really showcases how capable the C model A-10 can be.
  23. It might, but only at angles where he can point his radar at me to trigger a warning. Besides, these missions for me are all about practicing my visual tracking. I don't think I lost sight of this F-15. The MiG-29, though, I lost track of, but in my defense he was flying weird after I gunned him in the face.
  24. Before digging into the campaign, I figured it was a good idea to practice engaging bandits for proficiency. The F-5, F-4, F-18 and MiG-29 all fell before my guns. The final task was the F-15...it didn't go as planned! 82 Good job on these missions! Thanks to Maple Flag for the fun times. Can't wait for the next sortie.
  25. This is gonna be fun. Everything I've read suggests this plane is gonna be pretty damn capable in so many ways. I imagine it might be the way to go in multi player servers with changing dynamics. Looks like it can do pretty much anything, and most of that quite well. If and when the II+ comes out, it'll be an absolute terror no matter what it's facing.
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