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  1. Also, unless they fixed it in a recent patch, viewport extraction is currently broken for the F-18 and doing so will black out your DDI's, even if you only do it for other aircraft.
  2. This is a Hornet video, but since you're doing similar aircraft combat, this video may help you get the idea with some good theory discussion in real time with what it looks like in the cockpit when you're saddling up for that gun shot. I have a couple that may be of interest...you'll notice that my techniques are pretty sloppy, but so far I've made it work. A couple against F-18's: Against F-4's...probably ignore everything after about 4:30 if you're into guns only. https://youtu.be/7jAur5H5go0\ Generally, you're gonna kinda go into lag pursuit, relax the G load as much as you can while keeping him evasive. The lower G load, if you can manage it, will allow you to keep your speed up until you need to melt the speed for angles to get into lead pursuit for the gun attack. If you're flying smoothly and he's evading, he'll bleed E and you won't, allowing you to close in. Generally...it's so fluid, it's hard to give clear rules to follow. Technically, flying lead pursuit tends to close distance (which is contrary to what I just said!) but since this also tends to load up your wings and bleed your E, you have to be judicious about when you do this.
  3. It's a known issue. If you try to export any MFD/DDI info even for other modules, it'll black out your DDI's. Shut off export and you'll be fine.
  4. Thanks, gents. I retain multi-monitor for that sweet peripheral vision, but cut out the MFD export for other modules. This was set up for the A-10C and Mirage 2000. Easy fix! I can't wait until these work, since I use them a lot, but at least I can explore the new bird now. Can't wait to get into it.
  5. I'm having the same issue even in Instant Action missions with the bird already in the air. Video: Should be done processing to YT in a few minutes. Also see my attached dxdiags, monitor config file and export.lua, which I suspect may be causing the issue? Do I need to go back to single monitor, stop exporting MFD's for other modules, or both? DxDiag.txt Export.lua PeriphGUI.lua
  6. Is anyone else having totally blank DID screens within the virtual cockpit, as well?
  7. Hey, thanks! I watched it again recently and think I could make a shorter version, too. The video runs a bit long but I wanted to be through. I have a Spark Notes version on the back burner, so hopefully I can get it done "soon."
  8. Late to the party, but here's my take on it, as well, in case it may help someone.
  9. Heh, reminds me of that time in the Challenge Campaign where you fight the Hind. When I flew it, I kept running out of ammo and finally added unlimited to see what it took. End of the day, the Hind absorbed more bullets than the Mustang carries before it died. I think it's been tweaked since then but the new AI damage modeling is the thing I want most at the moment.
  10. Getting similar. Hopefully they're related.
  11. Hey, folks! I'm having a lot of crashing behavior (aside from when I manage to smack the ground.) I am attaching a few logs, since unfortunately I have a hard time reading through these to see what ERROR lines may actually cause crashes and which ones do not. Thanks in advance. The only mod I have installed is TacView. dcs.20180223-095708.txt dcs.20180224-105622.txt dcs.20180224-113127.txt dcs.20180224-114206.txt dcs.20180225-121208.txt dxdiag.txt
  12. I've tried repairing a couple of times, but it seems like the Harrier unfortunately enjoys crashing my DCS client. If it matters, I am exporting the MPCD outputs to a secondary monitor to use with the TM MFD's. Crash logs attached. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at reading these things. dcs.log-20180224-105622.zip dcs.log-20180224-113127.zip dcs.log-20180224-114206.zip
  13. This is bothering me a lot. Just a few weeks ago he was helping people out, me included, in the Discord channel, like he always did. I hope his family is as ok as they can be.
  14. Hi, I've had no problems running DCS 2.5 until today, when it started crashing after a few minutes when using Harrier and A-10C modules. Logs attached, and thanks for any help! dcs.log-20180216-110933.zip dcs.log-20180216-115711.zip dcs.log-20180216-121431.zip
  15. A one-pass kill is ideal but unfortunately r damage model isn't always conducive to this. Watching the TacView on some of these attacks where you score over 200 hits with no kill are pretty comical sometimes...of course against a human it's not quite as bad, but still...
  16. That's an excellent point, because if you're zooming while still in gun range, a fairly decent Spit pilot will hold level and retain speed until you're about to "flop" back on him, and then zoom up to catch you when you're slow. It may work, it may not, sounds like circumstances and skill differential may matter a lot.
  17. Hey, folks. I finally got some free time to play DCS again and I figured some time in the Dora was long overdue. I'm finally feeling comfortable with the aircraft and absolutely love the feel of it. It's snappy and responsive, but somehow retains stability. The cockpit is one of the most ergonomically brilliant ones I've seen and the armament is ideal against fighters, bombers and ground targets. Can't find a serious fault with the plane. Nothing will ever replace the Mustang in my heart, but damn if the Dora isn't just making me smile every time I fly it. I'm curious how best to fight in it, though, beyond the obvious indication that it's best suited for energy tactics when fighting against its contemporaries. The acceleration, speed, and roll rate combined with its armament package seem to make it ideal for climbs, dives and even rolling scissors if you get in trouble. Beyond that general concept, do you more experienced Dora fliers have any more tips for combat against the Mustang (my god, that hurts to say) and Spitfire? Seems that the Mustang is easier to tackle so far against the AI, what with the Spitfire's insane turn rate as a counter to my roll rate and vertical speed. Just wanted a bit of dope before I dive into MP servers and get smacked by Stangs and Spits.
  18. Seconded. This and Charnwood aren't getting the amazing press they deserve, unless I've missed it (which is very possible.) These are what DCS is all about and they really showcase what's possible within the digital sandbox we play in, with all the inventiveness and research done here. Epsom and Charnwood are top grade products and are an absolute must for any fans of WWII aviation. I'm probably going to replay them both once I finish them. There is so much going on that you can experience the battle from as many perspectives as you like in each mission.
  19. Thanks for the update...and, please, take your time. I can't wait to see what these high standards yield!
  20. Hell yes! First off, badass work, as usual! One mission in, and it feels amazing. The ability to have AI attack a static target is long overdue and very welcome...especially since my bombing accuracy is shite. Unfortunately, my client crashed immediately after my main gear touched the tarmac in the first mission. However, flying that again is not exactly painful, either, and I look forward to it. Maybe I'll score a hit this time through. Anyway...this is great stuff and it's amazing to see DCS WWII stuff finally coming together in such a professional and immersive manner. I hope there is more like this on the way!
  21. You know, I'm really excited about all the new stuff coming up for us in the form of modules, but I have a special hope that that new damage model comes out soon. It would be an absolute game changer for those of us who cannot play online as much as we'd like to.
  22. Hell yes...once this is implemented, or even announced, in the L-39, I'll buy it the same day.
  23. Since I don't have the technical skill (yet) to build my own lever to augment my CH Throttle, I was considering one of those $60 Logitech throttles. Anyone have experience with these? http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/flight-sim-throttle-quadrant
  24. Take your time, RAZBAM and ED. This module must be a beast to tackle. I'm anxious to throw my wallet at the screen, but in the meantime there's plenty else to do in DCS. The Spitfire won't fly itself, after all.
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