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  1. Found them. Thanks! So far those F-5's are pure insanity to fight against...how can they retain energy so well and pull so many G's without bleeding E like I do? "Is it possible to learn this power?" Anyway...3 for 3 on Practice mode. I can reliably force them into the Hard Deck for a maneuver kill, at least. Too bad I can't get a good enough view on them to aim in time before they zoom by. Visually, the F-5 is microscopic and I would be terrified to face off against one WVR because of this.
  2. Necropost here. Revisiting this campaign now that I have some time. Where are these practice missions located these days, within the folder structure?
  3. Sorry about the necropost...running through this today and finding the F-5E AI has been swapped for F-20's with the T/W ratio >1. :) Man, those dudes can turn and zoom like nobody's business. Is my technique incorrect, or can my F-5 do the same things with enough practice?
  4. So uh...do we have animals in DCS yet? Asking for a...friend. Working on a project...
  5. He's being generous. Someone more qualified may have actually done the voices if it hadn't been me. ;) Seriously, though, I'm really happy to take part at all. Compared to the rest of the work going into this, I have the easy bit to do.
  6. Heh, wow, you actually put that line in there? I didn't expect that...ha!
  7. This, fifty times. Probably more, if you quote every time something similar got posted here. ;)
  8. Can't wait for that new AI damage model for this kind of thing to matter i m single player. Probably my #1 most wanted DCS feature.
  9. Maybe not on par exactly, but versus the AI I've flown against, it's certainly close enough to hang on in a tail-chasing climb, assuming a co-E start, too nail the target before you need to break off due to impending stall or overheat. AI does rely heavily on zoom climb, so against humans of course it'll change a lot. But from what I've seen, although they aren't a dead even match, the Mk. IX is close enough in performance to be a serious threat to the 109K. Sorry if that's too far off topic.
  10. Man, 3 Mustangs to pick from eventually? Looking good, guys. I wss pretty let down about the demise of the P-40F, so it's great to see some unexpected WWII candy en route.
  11. Zilch

    Hawk and 2.5.4

    Nine Line...are you able to comment on the P-40? I'm bummed about that module most of all, and was really hoping it would help VEAO get back in the mix. Just wondering what it was like...fun to fly?
  12. Zilch

    Hawk and 2.5.4

    Man...this sucks. I had fun with the Hawk the times I flew it. Gotta make a point to record the experience while it's possible. Bought it years ago on Steam and I'm not even upset about the money. I'm bummed that it and VEAO failed, that some fellow aviation fans put so much into something that ended up just dying anyway. Whatever caused the failure, the human beings in VEAO, imperfect like the rest of us, get my sympathies. "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life." -Picard We can point to mistakes if we want, but it will avail to nothing. ED is working to prevent repeating the failure, and VEAO is no more. There's nothing to cheer about here, only loss. It sucks. Best luck to the former VEAO team in the future. As far as refunds, backing any software in EA is a risk. I do it to support devs willing to take risks, too, and not from a place of a traditional customer. If the. EA product works out, great! If not, well, that sucks but you probably should have had a grasp on what EA means before throwing cash down. If the risk is too high for you, invest elsewhere. It's like a crowd funded project...spend at your own peril.
  13. Same. I assume it'll show up later...I'd feel better if we got more than a pop-up as confirmation, though. I'm sure it'll work out.
  14. Ordered on the HB site... Anyone else having trouble binding their key on the ED site?
  15. I think Mag3 is still doing the Corsair.
  16. I can't wait! So much good radials engine action coming up. The A-8 just has those classic lines.
  17. Also, the Yak-52 is great at making you smile, despite yourself.
  18. Nicely put. Also, the people who are mature enough to enjoy what's going on and not complain about expected issues during development are likely also, wisely, too smart to bother engaging much of the whining with dialog. As such, a lot of the less valid complaints go "unchecked" and it can appear as though more of us are unhappy than are actually so. The rest of us are usually too busy playing around with DCS than complaining about WIP's or engaging in fruitless dialog. I mean, a pitbull counter will be great. In the meantime I'm just gonna enjoy seeing what the 120B can do from the Hornet, or practicing my carrier technique. The rest will come in due time. In the meantime, there's plenty of meat in the existing F-18 module to digest and learn to keep most of us busy for a long time.
  19. Cool to read some good news. I am really looking forward to that P-40.
  20. Zilch

    NS-430 Popup

    So...I'm not seeing this popup anywhere, nor am I seeing a control bind to make the 430 appear. Is it on by default in the non-Hip/Albatros aicraft? If so, where would it be? Just wondering...I'm on a weird multi-monitor setup and would like to rule out the possibility that it's off screen somewhere I can't reach.
  21. Again, I want to take a second to really appreciate the L-39. The jet trainers really do have a major place in any virtual pilot's DCS hangar, or at least they should. I've been simming for decades and am (slowly) working on my PPL. This campaign, however, has revealed that despite everything I've accomplished in DCS, I'm actually a shit virtual pilot. Being stuck on mission 1 because of things I have zero problem with in actual aircraft is a real challenge. It really appeals to the perfectionist/masochist aspect my brain and casts into broad daylight the shortcuts I took while learning DCS in order to get to the fun stuff more quickly. Sure, I can use Markpoints to rapid fire 6 Mavericks and 4 WCMD's in a single pass, but can I hold a level or descending controlled turn in a trainer? It's also a great showcase for the challenge of virtual flight, versus real flight. Things you don't have to think much about in real AC become very difficult in a simulation because of the lack of physical and visual cues. All you have is instruments, so you're scanning the hell out of them while trying to coordinate the jet. It's quite a different experience.
  22. Woo! Glad you enjoy my voice overs! Thanks again to Baltic for letting me take part in this. It's very cool to be in such a well executed project. More cool stuff is in the works, as always.
  23. Yeah, this is really highlighting the shortcuts I took when learning the Hog...just what I needed. Incidentally, in a real plane I can hold altitude like nobody's business. In the simulated L-39, I blink and I'm several feet in the wrong direction. Any advice on this?
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