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  1. Keep in mind the difference between these cases. The Saber and Mustang carried similar weapons, but there are some important differences. Number one that comes to mind is bullet dispersion. The Mustang's guns were two groups of three, with each group (SWAG math) around 15 feet apart from one another. This creates an interesting problem if you want to hit a focused area with all six guns, and it gets really complicated at different ranges, bank angles, pitch angles, and so on. Look at a WWII fighter's gun harmonization diagram, and you see that usually the guns don't al
  2. This would be great! Florida and the Caribbean area has tons of traffic and we could explore lots of SAR, contraband interdiction missions aside from the usual force on force stuff we're used to. Also, lots of people live in Florida (greetings from Melbourne!) and we'd love to fly DCS over our home turf. It's a lovely spot to look at and we have lots of aviation and space history and landmarks. The Space Center in particular with the Shuttle landing area, launch pads, Patrick AFB (or SFB, as it is now), MCO and MLB airports, FLL and MIA, so many more. TICO airport has the VAC muse
  3. Would you believe that some of us just like aircraft? A lot of these machines have distinct features and historical significance and are worth learning about on their own merit? Amazing! It's not a damn arms race where you're buying capabilities with your tax dollars. If that were the case we could just buy $10 F-15C and call it good. Best KDR for the money, right? We buy this stuff because we love a given aircraft. Maybe you worked on the plane. Maybe you wanted to fly one but couldn't. Maybe your uncle flew one and you want to see through his eyes for a bit. Or you
  4. Keep in mind, too, that by the time a USMC Harrier pilot gets to the Harrier, they've got more flight hours than many professionals. Fleet pilots do this as a full time job, with hundreds and thousands of hours in fight and training, and the training never stops. For (most of) us, it's a hobby and we get hours in the dozens, if we're lucky. Also, they can feel their jet. Any upset or change in attitude can be felt by the seat of the pants, spine, and so on. All we have are visual cues, so we glue our eyes to the cockpit a lot more. It's something my CFI po
  5. That's some calculated flying. Especially that last high yoyo he pulled, I probably would have been tempted to pull up and fire instead of waiting. Also, that second 120? A cat riding on its nose could have swatted your rudder. That thing was close, good defense!
  6. Gunned everything up to the Foxhound, then smacked the MiG-31 with a missile that didn't kill it, it ran for home and I ended up bingo chasing it down. DCS World Problems...cant wait for the new damage model and AI behavior. ;)
  7. Man if they go with the Mk. VII Viper, they're just handing over the MP servers to the Cylons. I demand the Mk. II with steam driven instruments! Sure people are gonna want the glass cockpit and third cannon, but you're just gonna be frakked once that EMP hits. Besides, the Mk. II is just sexier, anyway. And, hey, it's totally logical that they make the Raptor full fidleity. Heatblur's AI Raptor is great and all, but I really want multi-crew in that thing!
  8. Dude, just...stop. You're arguing with multiple combat veterans based on what? What's your real world involmnent with the jet, incidentally? Stop messing this up for us. We have several people who have real world experience with this stuff and I'd love to keep reading what they have to say. Your comments are likely to drive them out. You wanna make the forum less informational?
  9. It's a challenge as old as any niche hobby that becomes popular over time. Remember when computers were new, and the only people who used them were enthusiasts who made the hobby better for no other reason than the love of the craft? The trend is this. The truly devoted spend resources trying to make a hobby better, more user friendly and/or attractive. This benefit attracts new followers, with maybe less love of the craft but they still appreciate what they have and contribute to make it better. As the hobby gets better and barriers to entry drop, people join in. The newer folks
  10. So...what is this thing I'm installing?
  11. Repair didn't fix it, either. It does seem like a copy protection or account authorization issue, if I had to guess. Any ideas on this? I'd love to give this plane a spin, it looks like tons of fun.
  12. I did. Updated, module manager install, restarted DCS. I'll try the repair and see.
  13. Of course! Couldn't wait to support it. https://imgur.com/dq2w8BO
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