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  1. Hey there! After many years I finally learn how to fly the A-10c. At the moment I try to land with bad sight with tacan and ILS. To know where I want to land I use the divert menu in the cdu and choose an airport to come to the FLDINFO page. Then I want to set my radio right for the ATC but I just get a short number as APP or TWR, not the VHF frequency I am looking for. EG Batumi says APP and TWR = 4.250 instead of 131.00. How do I get the VHF frequency? Next I want to set my path manually to the right degree for the runway so I can find the right way with tacan. The CDU says batumi has a ru
  2. Thank you fpr your reply! And do you think that the multiplayer experience (dogfights etc..) are worth it? I played online yesterday for the first time and every opponent in TF-51Ds tried to hit me to get me down.. Arent there any real dogfight servers?
  3. Hi! I am new in DCS, just downloaded DCS World from Steam and i really like it so far! I played Lock On some years before, but this is a new experience. I like the TF-51D very much, but I am thinking about getting the P-51D DLC. My question is: if i am not into fighting very much and more into playing a good and realistic simulator, is it worth it to buy the Mustang? Are there any other extras or more realism then in the free to play version? Or is it just the same but with guns? Thank you for your help! Kind regards, L.
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