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  1. Because since year I flight on crashed Mascatz Fly 5 because I dont have money for new :/ and it will be a nice gift for Christmas
  2. Hello, I have fresh instalation of Open Beta 1.5.4. I can bind any key to my joystick. When I click OK after bind shortcuts to my joystick I have black screen and DCS freez.
  3. aliant

    LGB / JTAC works!

    Hello, Can anyone look my mission? I create mission like in Chuck's Guide but i can't contact with the JTAC. In radio menu I don't have JTAC option. M-2000C JTAC Traning_01.miz
  4. I fix my problem using this: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2267911&postcount=1
  5. I have the same problem like Toybasher. I can start dcs but can't fly Mig. I send you email a couple days ago. All the best. Aliant
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