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  1. Would be helpful if when setting weather (clouds, time, etc) to have a notification to say what that current configuration would be, ie. Case I, II, III. I may be wanting a particular level of clouds (once we get beyond presets on 2.7) and inadvertently get below Case I minimums. Having this notification in mission editor would be handy. Another option may be to have presets for each Carrier WX condition. At the very least maybe list the carrier condition on the current presets. Just pondering. Best,
  2. Awesome thanks folks! Ya’ll rock.
  3. New to this beast and trying to figure out something that is likely very basic. Once I've selected weapons ie the vikhr, and want to return to navigation mode. How do I put the skhval back into standby and return the hud to navigation mode? I have been navigating after the attack via the HSI but don't have wp info on the hud. Like I said it's probably simple and right on page 1 of the manual but I can't find it. Thanks in advance -Climber
  4. I only have the version sent via updates. Are there updated versions available?
  5. Ran this mission tonight and Olive is still blocked.
  6. Ran right into the back of the helo on landing!! Frustrating. Needs some serious fixes!
  7. As promised here is a link to the video created to accompany the above track file. I apologize that the voice over couldn't be heard over engine noise explaining the steps I was taking to reproduce the issue. I also apologize as I accidentally pumped the primer while cycling the lock during takeoff. Fat finger on the mouse button. This issue will occur with or without the pumping as the issue is more with the cycling of the pump locking mechanism. https://youtu.be/dYPM8vOeP50 Best, -Climber
  8. Track file showing issue as described above attached. I am currently rendering a quick video of this track file to accompany. I will post it when it is completed and loaded to YouTube. Thanks for responding. -Climber Climber primer bug.trk
  9. Found a bug: I had been having issues with gaining full power on takeoff even with turbo engaged. It wouldn't happen all the time just maybe 20% of takeoffs. I know that if the primer pump isn't locked back into place during flight it will effect the power to the engine... and that seems correct and that isn't the issue. I found that when starting (I've flown the A2A jug and used to flying it) if I leave the primer unlocked during startup and pump it during startup (should be modeled if not already for cold starts) and lock it back after the engine is started and running smooth the
  10. Thats correct. I understand the 4800, I was just curious if there may be some code tweaking needed from the ED side or if the need for additional boost is indeed required over the straight supercharged radial to reach 51"
  11. The R2800 has a supercharger so it should be capable of reaching 52" at sea level. I've read some of the manuals for the 47 but had missed the part of setting the turbo prior to increasing throttle. Makes sense as the B17 had a turbo dial and the throttle would go to max power and the pilots would "dial" the turbo for the appropriate manifold setting.
  12. I may have put the wrong pressure on my post. I'm having issues even making 52 inches. Seems to stop rising around the low 40's. Not a problem with a light load but with ordnance it gets to be an issue.
  13. Please correct me if this is accurate but did the Jug need turbo to make 61" MP at sea level on takeoff? I'd figure the supercharger could handle that much as sea level. Makes for an interesting takeoff run as the turbo kicks in about midway down my run and kicks the pressure up to WEP levels and I have to reign in the throttles to keep her near takeoff power and not nuke the engine. This is especially troubling since I'm having to go ahead and takeoff without the oil temp in the green (I see that issue has been already reported). Love the jug and she flies like the Cadillac she is kno
  14. I keep tripping the CB for the cockpit lighting. I'll notice when my oil pressure gauge drops to 0 and have to reset the breaker. It seems that cockpit lighting plus any additional electrical pull will trip it. If I turn on minimal electrical then it seems to solve it but have to wonder if this is accurate. FYI: I do have the generator on and it seems to happen even at higher RPM when the generator should be making appropriate power. I can understand too much pull when the generator isn't making enough power with a low idle engine but this seem excessive.
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