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  1. OK, tks for the quick reply. Shall I try to find (where ?) ? or shall I wait until the next beta IIRC ? (when ?) Chesseagle
  2. Some more information : 1. I only play in SP so no MP tried 2. If i try a mission in DCS World : CTD after loading mission without possibility to fly - if I try the same mission in DCS A10-C or Flaming Cliffs 2 (SU-25T) it works and I can fly the mission. Chesseagle
  3. All graphics are set at low. Sorry I didn't say that in my first mail Chesseagle
  4. I own DCS A-10C and DCS Blackhawk. I downloaded DCS World - without P-51 and installed it. I also installed the update for A-10C. All went well but ... if I try to load a mission or if I try the fly the "instant action" the followingf appears: the timebar count until 100-% and then all is closed to disktop (CTD) . I tried also the 3G method but without avail. Included the DXDIAG-file and the logme-file. I don't find any crash-file. All my flightsims are installed on my D-partition. My Games is on my C-partiiton. Can you please help me ?? Chesseagle DxDiag.txt me.zip
  5. Hi Nate. After this night the probleems seems to be ... solved (?). If I put all the sliders on the lowest mark or off, I can load and fly the missions. Black Shark 2 seems to be much more hungry for memory than the original. Anyway thanks for your help and advise. Chesseagle
  6. Hi Nate Tried this one to but still nothing. As attachment the log-files from my last try Chesseagle Logs.zip
  7. Tks for the advise Nate, but ... no it don't work. Still not possible to load a mission. Chesseagle
  8. Yes indeed, 32 bit OS Chesseagle
  9. Did as you asked. In attachment the logs after the event. Hope you can help ! ! ! Chesseagle dcs.zip inputscript.zip me.zip
  10. Downloaded and installed BS2 (upgrade) without any problems. Configurated it ... still all ok. Tried Quick mission ... all ok. Opened first mission of campaign ... all ok. Tried any of the missions ... not working. Most of the time I got the DCS.exe fault warning, other times it just shut down back to the mission menu without opening the mission. Same problem if I try to load the missions via the ME. Anyone ideas what is wrong ??? Chesseagle
  11. Hi all, A simple question but I found the answer nowhere. By landing "open the speedbrakes for 40-%". How or where can I see the percentage of the open speedbrakes ??? Chesseagle
  12. TKS Chichlidfan. I found them.
  13. I am working in XP and don't have such a map or file in c:/. My installation is in D:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS A-10C and there I have a map called "DCS Warthog" with maps as config / logs / MissionEditor /Missions /Movies and Tracks. Are these the maps I have to backup to keep my personals settings ??? Chesseagle
  14. If the new update appears ( which files do I have to backup to keep my log and personal score so I can place them back after the update ??? Chesseagle
  15. Patch 1.12a Hi Viper, It worked ! ! ! Many thanks all OK now. I have put the website in my favorites . . . seems quite interesting. Chesseagle
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