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  1. Those are not hog studs in the A-10 pipeline. They are UAV weenies. They use the desktop trainer for familiarization purposes (HUDs, sensors, etc.)
  2. I can't even begin to tell ya'll how amazing it is to see this thing fly in person. First of all it sounds and looks wicked, but the whole high speed pass with a transition to hover is incredible!
  3. Yup, we use them too. We call them "the bag" and they freakin suck. It's not specifically for night training, but I guess that falls under the scope of instrument flying. It takes away all visual references which makes up most of your bodies ability to judge motion and which way is up. When you fly under that thing, you get all sorts of illusions that make you feel like you are turning or pitching up, but you are really not. That way when the weather sucks and you are really in the goo, you will know to trust your instruments and not your body! Oh, and flying purely on the instruments is a pa
  4. The song is sabotage by the beastie boys. They totally doubled the film speed though! The footage is cool though.
  5. The B-1 didn't crash, it had a ground emergency. We lose jets every once in a while throughtout the A.F., it is an inherently dangerous job (obviously). Some of the jets are really showing their age; thankfully we have good a maintenance program to keep em running. Some of the 38's I fly are 1961 tails! They are almost as old as my dad lol. Anyways, everyday just at Laughlin we have multiple in flight emergencies between the T-38s, T-1s, and T-6s (which are brand new by the way). So when you fly that many hours everyday, chances are something will break or go wrong!
  6. Why does it freakin' matter where it was posted? Does that change the fact that someone great that all of you emulate had a tragic accident? I suppose it could've been posted in a "better" forum where you wouldn't have been inconvenienced by stumbling upon it and replying.
  7. Shep, I defiantly dig those.... but I like my afterburners :) My T-1 buddies were laughing because they had to piss, and well, they unstrapped, went to the back of the jet, and pissed in the bathroom lol... I wish I could've done that a few times!
  8. Yeah, well I have to post that to make up for the un-coolness of my sim setup lol. It is pretty plain. I get my kicks in the aircraft now and all the cool upgrades I wanted for my pc kinda fell by the wayside :)
  9. I still like mine the best :) out with the old.... in with the new
  10. my boss is leaving next week to go back to a-10's, lucky bastard... hopefully Ill be there with him in 2 yrs!
  11. can you still find EECH anywhere? I heard there are some GREAT community mods out.....
  12. Exactly.... in fact, no one here knows the top speed of the F-16, F-15, etc. just to prove a point. For those who don't think the Raptor is all that and a bag of chips, well, you really are mistaken, because it is. In SO many ways ya'll can't even imagine. This goes for everything... from sensor(s), to systems, to engines, to construction to even fixing the damn thing. This isn't some "American propoganda," and I know I can't say much, but you don't want to mess with it. I know I am going to catch crap for this, but there is nothing the Russians, Brits, or anyone else has that can rival it, an
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