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  1. Is ther a Dutch Hercules skin for this MOD?
  2. Here is a link of the Track File The incedent happens around 13.09 hours in the mission. When a F18C Client spawns and taxi straight to CAT 3. After launch the deflector stays UP. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tZjfw1cbHvhZPrgErKCz77B3E8ylO3nC
  3. Found a bug That after launch the defelector stays up. It was for Cat3 so landing became impossible. When someone asks for landing the deck crew goes to the side. But the deflector stays in the Up position.
  4. https://twitter.com/Russ_Warrior/status/888062787272019969 How about this one:huh::thumbup::thumbup::pilotfly:
  5. That does the scrupt do what i posted for the kc135. The 2nd rule easy explained 1 unit alive every spawn with a max respawn of 20, after that script stops It checks every 60 sec if unit number is 0 if true the a unit spawns. If the unit is alive there is no respawn. 3rd rule is when the unit is landed and taxied to a parking spot and completly shut down. It despawns and the script starts again for rule 2.
  6. Its important to set the unit to late activation. Setting a time is not nessecary if you want the unit to start when the mission is unpaused. If you dont do that you can get no units at all or 2 units at the same time rendering the script useless.
  7. Moose has more possibilitys than Mist. There is a Discord channel of Moose that is very helpfull
  8. This is what i use with MOOSE for my tanker respawn. But make sure that the unit is set to late activation do Spawn_KC_135 = SPAWN:New("USA_TANKER") Spawn_KC_135:InitLimit( 1, 20 ):SpawnScheduled( 60, 0 ) Spawn_KC_135:InitRepeatOnEngineShutDown() end
  9. Yes that is possible. But be sure to tweak the mic a bit when using voice activated. Or else poeple can hear you breathing.:smilewink:
  10. Maybe a small HInt for the Next Build of the Missions.. Make Russia Blue coalition. A Red coalition of USAF Agressors only is enough and can use all plane as well as russian aircraft.
  11. My guess about the release Dat is 21st of December. Why?? Because the F-14 first flew on 21 December 1970
  12. I need some help. When i try to load the Yak52 model i get the following error. Shader model/glass_instrumental_material.fx failed to compile - HRESULT:ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND How do i fix that?
  13. What do i need to load a model correctly i keep getting shader errors. Im trying to load the Yak52 model from the main yak folder.
  14. After a while using MIST im now starting to change over everything to MOOSE. Starting from scratch again. How do i reactivate a shot down unit via the Radio I have A added Radio item Name red_easy Flag 1 value 1 Switched Condition/ Flag equals 1,1/ Activate group And from this point im stuck.
  15. The blue and red ground vehicles arent the problem. The client slots are for the MP players in the mission.
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