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  1. The mod still works fine for me. The clouds look a bit strange in VR, almost like they aren't in focus when you get close to them (stereoscopic issue maybe like the same perspective of the clouds going to both eyes?). It's definitely not because of the mod, lots of users on Reddit voicing complaints. If you toggle the shader on and off the clouds are still pretty undefined, but I do think the shader exasperates the apparent effect since with it engaged everything BUT the clouds looks sharp and clear. Yes, it only works in SteamVR. So you need to download Steam + SteamVR if you d
  2. It's very unlikely 2.7 would break this mod unless ED makes significant changes to how the rendering pipeline works.
  3. Just tried this out last night and it's pretty incredible! The colors look so much better and the sharpness is definitely a big improvement. The clarity enhancement was enough that I've now turned my resolution down a bit (from 100% to 85% with my G2) to increase performance. It doesn't quite look as clear as native 100% resolution but it's a worthy tradeoff to me -- still far better looking than 85% resolution without the shader. I wasn't expecting the colors to look so much better too -- it's like an artificial haze has been removed and the muted tones are now vibrant without looking like ov
  4. I have noticed that my IPD is seemingly not ideal for the Rift S's fixed lens positions, which isn't surprising since I'm a pretty small person. The software IPD adjustment seems to only affect the scale of 3D objects, so that's not really a solution. I haven't measured my IPD yet but I have 20/20 uncorrected vision both near and far. If I'm in the sweet spot for one lens, the other one is blurry -- and if I try to shift the headset to fix that, the other one becomes the blurry one. So I'm almost certain this is simply a matter of IPD. I was thinking of selling/trading my Rift S for a Quest
  5. Does FC3 also include the AFM for the A-10A, or is that only for the module version? On that note, if the F-15C gets an AFM, will FC3 be updated for that?
  6. We haven't talked much about price yet, but he's a really close friend and I know he'll give me a good deal, and he'll let me pay him in installments too. I'm not really too worried about price just yet, I just wanna know if it's a good system in general for DCS.
  7. I might be buying my friend's build from about a year and a half ago. How would this hold up for DCS, specifically A-10C? CPU: AMD FX 6100 Six-core processor, 3.30 GHz, OCd to 4.2 GHz Motherboard: HP H8-1214 Memory: 10gb DDR3-1600 (4x4x2) Video card: AMD Radeon 7870 Sapphire PSU: Seasonic 660w Platinum Plus Windows 8 (I wouldn't be opposed to getting Windows 7 and installing it instead if there are compatibility issues with Windows 8 ) He doesn't remember the specs on the HD other than it being 1.5 TB, but I'm interested in getting a SSD and reinstalling Windows and DCS on it if it
  8. Hey guys. I don't post much here, but I'm definitely still an aviation nut. I got a really awesome opportunity this past weekend and I wanted to share it with everyone. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to take a flight in a Nanchang CJ-6. Since I am an aviation enthusiast, I wanted to film it. It was an amazing experience. We did some aerobatics, and I got to take control of the aircraft a few times. Yeah, it's a pretty long video, but I wanted to share a lot of the experience. It was filmed with a GoPro HERO3. It was filmed in 1080p, so watch it in HD!
  9. Still relevant since FC2 runs as my original post described. :smilewink: Basically I assumed that since FC2 is simpler (in about every way conceivable), and had been out for quite a while at the time of DCS: A-10C's release, the LAST thing I was expecting was for DCS: A-10C to actually run better than FC2 in any way. It honestly didn't seem logical to me that DCS: A-10C would be running better than it, no matter how many updates there had been (since there have been plenty for FC2 but the performance never seemed to improve much for me), but hey, I'm pleasantly surprised. Besides, I was pos
  10. Thanks for all the tips, guys! Admittedly I haven't tried them yet, I just fired up the sims for the first time in over a year today. But I'll definitely have to go through the tips and threads mentioned and tweak things a bit. Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised. Last time I played DCS: A-10C was shortly after the final version was released (late 2010) on the same PC. It had the problems that I was describing (framerate seemed smooth overall, but stutters every once in a while). But running the current version in DCS World seems to have great results! I have the settings about the same as
  11. I made this today. Was thinking about the P-51 and couldn't resist.
  12. Hi everyone, I haven't simmed in quite a while but all the news about DCS World and such is getting me a little antsy and I'm thinking about possibly getting back into it a bit. I haven't played DCS: A-10C since shortly after the final version was released, but I remember having an issue with stuttering. My overall framerate felt very smooth, but every 4-5 seconds or so, I'd have a stutter where the game would freeze (although the sound still continued fine) for maybe 1/4-1/2 of a second or so. I'm thinking that perhaps it was accessing data from the hard drive for terrain and that was caus
  13. Forgive me if this has been answered countless times before, but I've been out of the loop for a REALLY long time. Will FC2 be able to be integrated with DCS World (ie: so that the DCS planes can fly online in the same servers where players are also flying FC2 planes), or this something that will only happen with FC3 (once it is released)?
  14. Here are the pictures: Suncom Talon and RockFire Gameport to USB adapter: TrackIR 3: CH Pro Pedals:
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