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  1. No bug. It’s F-14F version. The superstorage version for small carriers.
  2. I noticed that the smoke plume doesn’t fade away as it used to do with version 9. In version 10 they just switch off.
  3. I use both eyes mirror and press alt+enter which makes the mirror fullscreen. System is still bugged off course.
  4. Well that is possible as you can make your own factions quit easily.
  5. Right now it doesn’t work due to 2.7. It’s being worked on. You can fly choppers and there is an option for ctld. But flying time is long because no FARPS.
  6. @Gizmo03 DCS itself now uses a Mask. I am not using this mod and I see it now on the mirror screen but not in the headset. If you can see it in your headset then file a bug report because I don't think that it is as intended.
  7. For your information the MP version works fine.
  8. Have the same issue. AI can’t take off from neither the old Stennis nor the Supercarrier. On the latter they can’t hook up for launch.
  9. I am all for a virtual body in the cockpit. I never had an issue of the body getting in the way when the fights on. I always take great care to assign all the necessary controls to my WH for fight time. So the pilot body goes only off when starting up and when setting up for landing. Would really love it if my VR self would grab the handrail in the Hornet or Tomcat during cat launch!
  10. Do they drive on the wrong side off the road in, what’s it, Iran? (That is left side)
  11. I had it as well with the Hornet on the supercarrier. Turning MSAA off stops it but disable bloom in the VR-settings solved it as well.
  12. Hoi LeCuvier, Didn't mention the plane because I assumed the problem wasn't so much with the plane but more my own inaptitude. Which you confirmed because I was indeed trying to modify the Default.lua.
  13. I have an issue. I setup a command but it is only a selectable option for my Flight Quadrant and not for my Warthog throttle or stick? Where should I look for a solution? Thanks.
  14. I have recently been flying the A-4 and loving it. I am verry impressed with the quality of your work dev's so hat off and thank you for your efforts! It is appreciated.
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