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  1. Maybe we could at least find out what part of the aircraft we see. I start the speculation by saying its a remote controlled gun.
  2. so this thread is finally dead now? :cry::music_whistling:
  3. Yeah you can't do that with a UH-1 rotor head. This is a Bo-105 of course. Its using a rigid rotorhead, giving much greater manouverability. A UH-1 would sheer of the rotor under low/negative G conditons very fast.
  4. Honestly, is that a photo of a real A-10 or a screenshot of DCS?
  5. When I tried autorotation (with engines off) i only got it right with high forward speed, (60 kph at least). If I tried a conventional flare I would crash, tail first impact. I guess its to much armor for a lowspeed autorotate landing, it is simply to heavy...
  6. I think this is realy useful. It helps alot to learn the keyboard shortcuts. Would be cool if you would share this.
  7. This checklist might be good (didn't try yet) but my plan was to have a checklist with keycommands to be faster than clicking the virtual switches. I will make tradeoffs here because as far as I know there is know indication when the INU is aligned, and it will work correctly even if you start before that. The gearbox temperature seems to be okay as long as its not to cold outside. What I realy meant by being realistic is to avoid simply switching everything on at once. But till now I didn't find anything problematic if doing so anyway.
  8. I am currently working out a startup checklist with all key commands aiming on being faster than the automated startup procedure (mainly by starting engines / abris faster) but I try to keep it realistic.
  9. Not exactly the same problem, but after getting a new helicopter (FARP repair) I couldn't rearm / refuel. It seemed as I couldn't contact maintenance for some reason. It only worked after taking off and landing again. Would be nice if anyone could try this and maybe confirm it. It happend in the convoy hunting mission.
  10. You can hear EKRAN messages with bat / ground power only. But you have to switch on EKRAN, then simply try the voice test button on the rear panel. BTW You won't here EKRAN warning if engines are running and the door is open.
  11. Using the B1 for A2A would have big advantages as you could the load the F22 with bombs as you wouls lack bombers then :P
  12. I just wanted to say that it is amazing how much fun flying the KA-50 online is. :thumbup: Using PVI-800 and ABRIS seems even more important in multiplayer to adapt to diffrent stages of the battle.
  13. I just tested it by shuting of all systems (bat and gen off) and after power up, the PVI-800 shows a self position 1000s kilometers away from where I was but navigation (route mode) still worked as usual. Seems as inacuracy is not implemented yet.
  14. I seems to me that this inacuracy of the INU is not modelled. 1. Even after long fligths without INU fix PVI and ABRIS show exactly the same position 2. When rotor RPM drops to much, INU will do a realignment and I would expect it to lose position information, but it still shows same position as ABRIS Did anyone ever expirienced a inacuracy of the INU / PVI 800? I will try to investigate on this with ABRIS disabled and see if INU will lose acuracy then. I think I read somewhere on ABRIS system page that it performs INU update every 3 minutes but I always thought it will read INU dat
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