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  1. Welcome to the most addictive flight sim out there! All the best for your project, I'm really excited to buy your product!
  2. Yeah I ve been to stupid to type in coordinates correctly! :doh:
  3. Yea, just watched a video. Thanks for your help Panther!
  4. How do I change to grid 38 T? Do I need to type 38TLN162343 in a row? I just typed LN162443
  5. Hi folks, I received the coordinates from Overlord LN 162443 and typed em in my CDU (Mission and new waypoint). Somehow these coordinates dont work as the outpost is close to waypoint 4 down in a valley. Can you help me what I'm doing wrong here?
  6. I ve seen a video on youtube where the nav route was on the HDD. Also in the manual is written: "When in navigation modes, information on the route (route direction, waypoints, and airfields) is indicated on the HDD." Thats why Im asking how i change the hdd.
  7. Howdy folks, I'm wondering where to find the Hud repeater mode in the keybindings. Does anyone know? Cheers
  8. It's deployed sometimes when I enter the F5 so I was wondering how to reset it as take-off would end in a disaster. In the menu of the groundcrew is no option for reseting the hook. Thanks anyway.
  9. Howdy folks, does anyone know how to reset the tail (arresting) hook? I tried plane repair and this way the hook has been reset. Is that the only way to do it?
  10. Yea on F5E its working but on the Viggen it's not.
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