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  1. What can I say? This latest update has turned the UH-1 into one of my favorites. Good job ED!
  2. Just a warning, a little NSFW language at one or two points.
  3. I like it, it is a very nice looking map and it runs well on my PC, so no complaints there. That said I wish that it included more spots in central and northern Syria. Manbij, Afrin, Deir Ezzor being prime examples. Also the south is missing some places, the main one being Daraa, but areas around the Syrian part of the Golan are missing some small places that were held by ISIS back before the SAA offensive there. I understand that not everything can be included, it will run like crap if they tried, but the big ones like Manbij, Afrin, Deir Ezzor and Daraa have reasonable significance. Daraa
  4. I thought that got dropped from the weapons list for the Bug?
  5. The Syrians had two squadrons worth of Mig-25s at one point, they were based at Tiyas.
  6. Two aircraft that the Syrian have are the Mi-8 and the Mig-25. Both aren't in Syria's aircraft list in DCS and it would be nice if they were included. The Mi-8 is used currently by the Syrians for a number of missions including transport, resupply and more infamously for air to ground work, and the Mig-25 is apparently still in operation by the Syrians, though it is a rare aircraft anymore.
  7. And Syrian Mig-25s were based there too.
  8. Something that is just off the Eastern edge of the map and which saw an immense amount of fighting is Deir Ezzor. One could make an argument that the Islamic State's failed efforts at taking the city helped bleed them dry. It was a rather strategically important city not only due to the fighting over it but also due to its location along the Euphrates river valley. It would be nice to have it included in the map due to the extent of the fighting there and how close it is to the edge of the map.
  9. The thing in the map image is a border control point, the importance of At Tanf being that it is the location where the Damascus-Baghdad highway passes through, that is the border control point that the US seeks to control due to that reason. I looked and didn't find an airfield near there.
  10. It would certainly be nice. Would love to fly an LAF marked UH-1.
  11. I just want to start with saying that I am really looking forward to this map, and that I would hope that the lack of those two bases are just an oversight/intended to be added later on. T4/Tiyas was and is a major base and home to Syria's Mig-25s in the 80s, and in more modern times for Su-24s too. RusFed's contingent has used the base for their support of the SAR against ISIS, and I seem to recall that the Iranians have used it for drone operations in the past. That last one has lead to Israeli air strikes targeting the base. Shairat has been important in the civil war, and could be importan
  12. Yes it did. Hopefully the SA-5 arrives at the same time the Syria map does.
  13. Currently in the "Set Rules for Trigger" menu we have "bomb in zone" and "missile in zone" as conditions that allow for an action to happen based on if a bomb or missile is in a trigger zone. It would be nice if there was also a "shell in zone" that would act in the same fashion as the two triggers mentioned previously, but that would apply to shells. This would be useful for scripting certain things, like having SAM radars turn on if enemy aircraft are being shot at by AAA. Presumably this would be a rather easy enhancement to make.
  14. I'm wondering how some of you defend against various different SAMs in DCS. The SA-2 and SA-3 seem easy enough, to defend against. SA-2 you turn into it, SA-3 I tend to turn into it aggressively while chaffing and flaring (flares to confuse its terminal guidance). The Rapier seems to be easy enough, chaff and aggressive maneuvers seem to be pretty effective against it. Now what I'm wondering about is how do you guys defend against some of the other SAMs? Is there a way to reliably defend against the SA-6 reliably without going for the deck, beating it kinematically or trying to get the miss
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