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  1. When will they fix this? I mean CA is advertized as a VR product, yet the interface/gunsight in VR makes any practical use other then an awesome VR showcase completly impossible. Allthough im by no means a programmer, but it seems to me that fixing something like this cant be all that problematic.
  2. Fair enough. But you failed to mention they called it an expectation, this effectivly suggest that there would be a good probilaty of pre-sale in may. But there is big difference between "the first week of may" and completly missing the estimated release expectations. Besides, We are talking pre-order and not delaying a major update or new content. At the very least they could have mentioned the fact that some complication occured which has delayed the expected first week, or may alltogether.
  3. According to a DCS newsletter, which stated that the apache module would be available for pre-purchase in may. Needles to say may has almost turned into June and i havent seen any pre-sale so far. Whats goin on?
  4. Still think im behind? UAPGRIG - The Pentagon Authenticates Leaked Footage of UFOs on CNN. - YouTube For anyone interessted. I study UAP. (3) Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Global Research & Investigation Group | Facebook
  5. I’d like to know that as Well actually
  6. Yeah, but some people seem to be blissfully unaware
  7. “Mysterious flying objects repeatedly harassed three US warships off the coast of California in 2019 — at one point matching the speed and bearing of one destroyer for 90 minutes, according to newly released details from the ships’ logs” https://nypost.com/2021/03/24/tic-tac-shaped-ufos-harassed-us-warships-off-california-report/
  8. Thq thanks, what about early acces release in June?
  9. From the way i understood it the Apache module should be accessible in early acces somewhere around June? Also when can we pre-order early acces ? I thought pre orders would start end of February/beginning of March?
  10. Just wanted to say I’m thrilled they will finally do a AH-64 Sim again. After the Janes AH-64, Gunship and Apache Longbow titles there wasn’t anyone making an Apache sim again. There was a sim called Combat helo which features the Apache, but this project got cancelled for the second time. So I’m Really happy to find out DCS finally went to develop the Apache for an Allready excellent platform.
  11. I just installed the latest version of Falcon over persian Gulf. But everytime i end a mission the mission debrief script wont load and i get an error message. Not only does it prevent me from progressing in the campaign, every time i get the error message DCS locks up as well.
  12. What up everyone? Yesterday i recieved my brand new high end rig plus oculus rift S VR headset. They sure don’t come cheap but it was worth every penny i spend on the sucker. Anyway there is one thing i can’t seem to get my head over. Even if you have a HOTAS sometimes you still need to to some key stroking. But i feel that’s enormously unpractical due to the fact you need to take of the VR set every time you need something on the Keyboard. Not to mention it totally breaks immersion. So how do the VR veterans deal with this problem? Am I missing something?
  13. To get back on the subject the events inspired me to start a UAP study group named the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Global Research & Investigation group (UAPGRIG for short) in an effort to gain more understanding in UAP. We have about 250 members so far and collected and researched tons of interesting material & footage as well as an evergrowing scientific coverage of UAP by the scientific estableshment. If anyone is interested then please feel free to join us. Here are two links for our UAPGRIG Facebook page and one for our Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/UAPGRIG h
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