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  1. pre pay- nope When i see the dvd in my local store i will buy it. i have all disks from lockon forward. i hate steam and all digital downloads. I'll give you my cash when i can hold the product in my hands. Hell i might buy 2 copies - haha you guys are kings in my book. but i have to touch it to support it - wink
  2. the track was recorded in FC2 and immediately played after the recording. The bottom-line is the play back was not the flight i recorded. I replayed the track 4 times and it was the same every time. the plane stuffed when it didn't during the actual flight. I might think it has something to do with the FC2 upgrade concerning the new terrain.
  3. i run a 8 core mac pro using bootcamp to game pc games and it runs great. Blackshark and flaming cliffs2 run like buttter. Parallels seems ok but you won't get top performance unless you run your mac as a pc. Also i just shoved in a pc 9800 gt card, installed drivers for it and bam, the game runs fine on it. sadly you can't run top end pc cards that require an alt power cord as the MB does not have that. As we all know, DCS is more processor dependent than vid card so the mac has plenty of power to handle DCS requirements. hehe i giggle at windows :). good luck all and i always buy
  4. which was of me flying stunts around a cliff by the sea. I flew for a couple of minutes. Then i saved the track and replayed it. on my first turn the aircraft crashed. I did not crash the plane at this point when i was actually flying. All I can say is that the system appears to be very flawed. hehe. and thus it will be my last track. Nice sim but you gotta be kidding me on that one...:music_whistling:
  5. I had started a thread on this and was directed here. Interesting reading.
  6. Is discussing weapons that kill people long after the fighting is over so unpleasant that the topic should be locked? It isn't an attempt to "Flame bait" anyone. Just an attempt to talk about a topic that I see very little discussion from a community that simulates war. Also DU directly relates to the A10. Lets take landmines for instance. They kill and injure long after the fight. Many are disfigured from these weapons from a war long before. Most people tend to think that land mines are bad and should not be part of today's arsenal. I'm of this opinion. Ammunition made from depleted ur
  7. The good 'ol A-10. Awesome bird. rugged and tough, brings you home with its ass shot off. The thing is, when the fighting's over, the radioactive ammunition is left spewed all over someone's country. The hulks of destroyed ground forces themselves are left rusting away, and that includes the radioactivity from the ammunition. When the last A10 has flown and is scrapped to build new technology, it's legacy will continue to - well lets say affect people for generations to come. Something to think about as you straff your target. chafa
  8. I see a lot of skirting the issue. Lets get it released and patch what needs patched. thank you
  9. Perhaps then no date should be posted on the site as it causes people to estimate when they can purchase the product. When this date is not met, it increases the frustration factor. With every extention of that date, that factor is also increased. I hope I have presented my opinion in a well mannered post. I love the sim and will love BS as well. Movies like GA's project 50 was a real treat. Having said that I wont extend this thread any further. Thank you
  10. I'm sorry, I must have mistaken that date on index page that said estimated release date mm/dd/yy for an estimated release date. I understand it is great undertaking to produce such great work. I love the sim as I have said. It's just that I recall that date on the index page was at one time march 06. I'm sorry to rehash this topic as I know it has been discussed. I have however not expressed myself on this topic and so I did. Perhaps a constant nudge by the consumer will assist in maintaining a need to complete the project. Thank you
  11. I've read this forum as a guest for a long time now. I have played LO for quite a long time. I love the sim. However, having watched delay after delay concerning BS I have to express my dismay at the timeline by which the development has progressed. I know if I was this far off from my advertised date I would have lost my business. I will buy BS and enjoy it I'm sure but my faith in the company to maintain its own schedule has never been less. Please feel free to flame or such. I held off this long but I had to vent a little. Thank you
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