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  1. It seems that your VR has lost tracking somehow. What VR you have? If WMR, you might try to clear Environment data and run calibration setup again from Mixed Reality Portal.
  2. I have use 3080 now about 3 months and it's good card with solid and smooth performance. Works very well with my G2. I also got a 6800XT last week and decided to test it. Oh man, I spent the whole weekend trying to get it work. There is really some problems with AMD drivers. I even reinstalled Windows and DCS lol. Still stuttering and reprojection doesn't work at all (drops from 45 fps to 30 fps all the time). So I decided to sell AMD and keep Nvidia, I really wanted to keep it because of VRAM.
  3. I think you have to edit "config" file from C:\Users\<user name>\Saved Games\DCS. Change resolution from there and test.
  4. What GPU frametime you usually get with SS100%? (depending DCS ingame settings of course). SS100% looks amazing and quite playable frametime with my setup (14-18ms) but maybe too much for 3080 without headroom.
  5. Ctrl+Pause shows ingame fps counter and frametime (combined cpu+gpu frametime I think)
  6. All settings low, single player alone in the high sky ?
  7. I hope we'll see G2 this year, Bestware: With the production running at full speed, HP is still confident to fulfill all pre-orders placed until early to mid November within this year.
  8. Unfortunately no fix for this afaik. There was some graphical DCS update months ago which broke it.
  9. Oh yes this kind of benchmark I have waited for ! I have 3080 but still preordered Nitro+ Radeon RX6800 XT, not sure which one is better for G2.
  10. If you are out of VRAM, doesn't it use RAM first (shared GPU memory) or how this goes?
  11. I really wait DCS benchmark between 5600X vs 5800X, wan't to know is 5800X worth it.
  12. After using this forum some time, it's not so bad. I like it actually. The best feature so far: when you have read a topic and go back to main page with browser back button (or ALT+ left arrow), that topic is marked as read :P
  13. I think you have to wait a bit longer https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-allegedly-cancels-geforce-rtx-3080-20gb-and-rtx-3070-16gb
  14. Yeah, I have ordered 3080 10Gb and still waiting it but really hope AMD gives something better.
  15. 3080 20Gb and 3070 16Gb versions canceled (or delayed?) :cry: https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-allegedly-cancels-geforce-rtx-3080-20gb-and-rtx-3070-16gb
  16. coldViPer

    Members age?

    39. If I'm lucky enough to live next 39 years, I wonder what kind of PC and VR we have then :pilotfly:
  17. Wow, it have a slightly different look what you think? ;D I kind of like dark theme.
  18. Yeah this usage per process is handy, but like discussed in other thread, it's more like allocated per process. We still don't know how much DCS actually use vram, only how much DCS allocates. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4513143&postcount=127
  19. 3080 20Gb version in December? Let's hope that's true https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-20gb-to-launch-in-december
  20. Just for clarification, Reverb G2 have no eye tracking, Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition will have, two different devices :smilewink:
  21. Interesting, I wonder why there is no "Building visibility" -slider in DCS settings like "Trees visibility" :D Would be handy.
  22. Yeah Windows is taking some Vram, but that 2Gb is question mark. Have to investigate. Extra programs I have on background is Oculus app, OculusTrayTool and Afterburner. I think Oculus may consume some vram, who knows.
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