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  1. I think you guys should investigate if there is a market for making your base compatible with the warthog grip, because I think there is. The products look awesome anyway and when the first reviews are in, you might have a future customer.
  2. I'll take the thread back to its initial point. What I find that helps getting a 530 kill reliably is staying at a significantly lower altitude than your target aircraft. That will mean your target can shoot you from further away, but you also have more chance dodging when low. Your missile guidance and radar lock stability will be greatly increased when the background is clear sky instead of the ground. I will usually put the target on a 40 to 60 degree beam when running in on the target. That way you maximise the distance the enemy missile has to travel to get you, negating the range difference a bit. When I start to get in range I will start turning in towards the intercept marker and fire the first missile. After that I immediately put the target back at a 60 degree edge of radar and sometimes quickly switch sides when a missile is following me, dropping chaff.
  3. Check in the axis tune if it has the full range of motion.
  4. Since the first variant of APKWS for harriers was introduced in March 2016 (and I am not sure if they are allready combat ready), it might be a bit to new.
  5. Meteor has longer range for sure. But we don't know all the actual numbers since they are classified. AIM-120C-8 (D) is the newest version IIRC (might still be prototype, I don't know), which also starts going towards 200km range. Optimal ranges ofcourse.
  6. Meteor missile comes close in range and the aim-120D also has a very long range.
  7. Even though I will most likely get this module once it is released (because it is awesome), I have hope that they might also release a AV-8B II plus with AN/APG-65 radar. For example as an upgrade package for people that allready own the AV-8B II NA. Maybe once the F/A-18 is released they can model it correctly.
  8. Looking at the nose it is the version without the APG-65 radar (like the titel of the thread, the NA version and not the Plus). I would by far prefer the plus variant, but I guess they chose the NA because of the ground radar modeling which is not yet finished by ED.
  9. You need to make your own trackir profiles, because everyone has their trackir sensor at different positions, so you won't have anything usefull when you use other peoples profiles. It is not that difficult to set up. Take a look at the program and if you can't figure it out, look on youtube. There must be a few good tutorials on there.
  10. Does CCRP not work correctly in the mirage? The bombs fall way to long. It's not inaccuracy, because they fall long around the same spot every time. The pipper is just wrong. I could not find a recent thread about this (though I know it was a issue some time ago). Is it me doing something wrong, or does this still need repairs. I follow both chuck's guide aswell as the official manual. Then CCIP. I get a (do not release?) cross almost every time I run in on a target. My dive is around 20 to 25 degrees like in the manual and my altitude is still very safe. I can release to bombs just fine and they hit the target very nicely, but I don't get why I get the cross. **While typing this I did some more testing and it's the safe altitude cue that is causing this. I have no idea why though, cause I am still at a safe altitude. Yes, I am going down to the ground fast, but the manual recommends a 25 degree dive angle. I tried many different altitudes and dive angles and it seems only in some shallow dives it doesn't show up. But the manual recommends a steep dive. And another thing about CCIP in the Mirage. I thought it was designed so that you could fly level and fast so that the pipper will move in front of the aircraft and you could get in real low. It works fine, but again, that damn cross (due to the safe altitude cue). The safe altitude cue is a bit of a weird thing considering the CCIP bombs are snake eyes and thus retarded. They are made so that even very low altitude bombing is still safe. Which it is also in the Mirage. The bombs explode very far behind the aircraft even at very low altitudes. So why the cross? DCS version 1.5.5
  11. That would indeed be nice to see. It looks to me that CWIS also needs an upgrade, since it hardly ever catches a missile that is going in a straight line.
  12. The problem when you take FC3 out of the mix is that the servers will lose a huge part of the playerbase. We can't afford to fragment DCS multiplayer even more.
  13. Blue flag has refueling on the f-15 which takes forever. Other servers can do the same.
  14. I don't get why. People who dominate in fc3 aircraft will dominate in a mirage 2000 aswell. People always seem to think that fc3 aircraft are easy mode or something, but that is nowhere near the truth. I usually fly the mirage 2000 now and all I learnt in the f-15c I could use in the mirage. Yes, the f-15 requires a few less switches to startup, but combat controls are actually very similar (I have even more buttons mapped on my stick for the f-15 then the mirage). Those few extra button clicks mean absolutely nothing as long as the flight model is good, which it is for su-27/f-15c.
  15. Ok, you were even a real major. Makes my earlier comment about it obviously being a virtual rank look stupid, haha. Anyway, the same thing still stands. It does not matter if one gives a rank or job, because there was not a intend to profit from it anyway. I was even convinced it was just his virtual rank. Anyway, enough said. *I would not have deleted it, people get offended way too easily these days.
  16. It's not illegal, it's the internet. Furthermore noone here thought he was an actual marine major (even if someone did, who cares, I treat all people equally) Edit: he is actually a major, i'm retarded, haha. We are on a simulator forum, (virtual) ranks are normal in these community's. When someone makes a statement he is actually in a real life a soldier/marine/pilot/etc. I will assume the rank someone states might be real. For all I care, he could have said he's a plumber. Ranks and jobs don't deserve people respect. It's what you do on the job and outside it and every job has assholes and good people. Since I don't know this guy, I treat him with the same respect as others I don't know, even if he was an actual marine.
  17. I think his request is fine. The addition of performance charts in the manual would be nice to see.
  18. It detects smoke plumes. I remember a conversation about this some time ago. It will detect strela manpads but not stinger and igla because they use smokeless engines. I'm not to sure about this though, because I would think it detects a missiles ir source (heat from the engine), but I read something else in this forum iirc. Edit: scratch the above. This is the Wikipedia info: The AN/AAR-47 passively detects missiles by their Ultraviolet signature, and uses algorithms to differentiate between incoming missiles and false alarms. Newer versions also have laser warning sensors and are capable of detecting a wider range of threats. After processing the nature of the threat, the system gives the pilot an audio and visual warning, and indicates the direction of the incoming threat. It also sends a signal to the aircraft's infrared countermeasures system, which can then for example deploy flares. The system's algorithms include looking for temporal variations in a signal's strength, such as the brightening of an incoming missile. It also evaluates the spectral bandpass of the threat to reduce false alarms and has software for detecting events, such as the launch of a surface-to-air missile. I think it should just detect the launches, but again, I only know what I read about it.
  19. Check the link posted above. You need to install the texture mod with JSGME. All is explained in the thread (or links to other threads). The Starway or Barthek texture mods make 1.5 look a lot better. You do need to keep in mind that the default Starway texture mod will change the shadows.lua which will prevent you from playing online. If you do play online, find the default shadows.lua and overwrite the modded shadows.lua with that. With the default shadows.lua you will be able to use the texture mod online and it will look just as pretty. "Starways Black Sea map 2.4" is the latest release. For Barthek his texture mod you will have to look on the forums. It should not be to difficult to find, since they both have a lot of users.
  20. Just turn everything up and see how it runs. It runs fine on my 4690k + gtx 970 combo. Also get yourself one of the great free texture packs.
  21. Ah, I see. 75 degrees C is indeed very high for such a low usage.
  22. I have nothing to say about vr performance or customer support because all is going well with my system (which is less powerful then yours), but could you post a track where you get bad performance or stutters so that others might duplicate the issue. Only thing I can say at the moment is that I'm sorry that you are experiencing this much difficulty. I think the support is generally good, so I hope you will get your refund or solution soon.
  23. Software usually does not initiate a restart just like that. Things that might cause a restart: - Failing power supply - Overheating components (CPU, GPU) - Hard drive issues (maybe) - RAM issues (maybe) - Various other component issues What does your windows event viewer say?
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