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  1. Put together some number after testing I think the F14-B might the fastest Jet in DCS on the deck. Please feel free to double check and correct.

    Map set at -12c temp

    alt under 1kft

    clean air frames

    speed taken from F10 map

    (knots ground speed)



    F-14B- 948

    F-18C- 885

    SU-27- 851

    F-15- 827

    Mig29- 805

    M2000C- 751

    A-10C- 360


    I'm suprised that the F-18C is so high up on the list. I was expecting the F-15 and SU-27 being faster. Also expected the mirage 2000 being faster than where it is now.

    Not any scientific data, just suprised.

  2. I have a question about the selectable record and play devices. I use some virtual sound cables and when I start simple radio it always chooses the wrong recording device. It does not remember the one I selected last time. Is it something wrong that I did or is the preference not saved?

  3. I also never had bad stutters or low framerates and i'm maxed out on midrange hardware (GTX970, i5 4690k, installed on ssd). I think a lot of people are actually running fine (silent majority) but I have definitely seen more people complaining about bad performance with the introduction of 2.1. The only thing I can advise is reinstalling drivers using DDU.

  4. Not if modeled correctly. Hovering requires full power. For that the engines get cooled with water and it only lasts so long. The Harrier cannot hover for more than 90 seconds.


    If operating conditions are such that the water is needed at the maximum cooling rate, there is only enough water available to remain in hover for about 90 seconds before the supply is exhausted. However, the aircraft rarely needs to use this cooling water at the maximum rate, and can therefore hover for considerably longer than 90 seconds.

  5. Yep, that's what I heard from Matt aswell. Abris should work.

    It was during a video where he was answering questions about the moving map in the a-10. He said the a-10 won't have a map of Normandy, but the abris of the ka-50 should just work, due to it using mission editor information.

  6. I would definitely recommend the mirage 2000c. It's systems are not to difficult to learn, but still offer a challenge.

    F-15 and su-27 are superior when they are allowed to equip the aim-120 and r-27er respectively, but you can still do very well with the mirage. It is my go to A2A aircraft.

  7. I've done some reading and all I can find is that it is a broadband seeker, which implies that it can scan different bandwiths.

    The weapons locks onto a emission source and the locked target is displayed on the HUD and a tone is generated. I've also read that the weapon can be put in a certain mode that it will automatically fire when it detects a radar source. This is used when running in on ground targets and will automatically fire to supress (kill) the airdefense.

    Furthermore it has a loft mode, but i'm not to sure about how it works.

  8. If I read correctly, the sidearm just like the shrike has different seeker versions or configurations regarding different radar emmisions. Will this somehow be modeled or will the missile simply be able to lock onto every ground radar in DCS?

  9. Hi guys,


    In case I might make more videos, I'm making this thread to post them in.

    I just made a new video of me participating in Red Flag february.

    It has been a long time ago since I flew DCS PvP, so I got killed quick. Might still be fun to watch though. I tried OBS for the first time and noticed during editing that the bitrate is a bit to low, which will be fixed in possible future videos.


    Anyways, here is a link:


    There are a few more videos on my channel of varying quality. Most of them are over a year old, so you can get an idea of my schedule.


    I'll post one more link to a video. This one is from when NTTR was just released:

  10. I have made a short video from my side of the fight. It has been a long time flying DCS PvP, so I got killed quick. Might still be fun to watch though. I tried OBS for the first time and noticed during editing that the bitrate is a bit to low.

    Anyways, here is a link:

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