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  1. This is exactly what I have been looking for. A Sqn that does not limit to me just NATO aircraft or just Fixed wing. I do like the idea of what you are proposing. Relaxed environment to fly the aircraft you want to.
  2. In Mission Editor in the drop down menu for selecting Landing there is also a LandingReFu selection. Try this.
  3. I think this Module is very well done. I used it as a stepping stone to the F-18. I found using the systems for Navigation, landing and deploying weapons very intuitive and easy to use, it helped immensely when I transitioned to the Hornet. I have used targeting Pods and FLIR NAV equipment in real life in the GR4, and its easier on the Harrier. I found the Harrier Module very good and I really like flying it. Like most systems there is more than one way to do some thing and the Harrier shows that too. Keep up the goods work.
  4. To me the package was about the the Nimitz Class carriers and what it brought to the game. The rest was a addon. It was never about the Kuznetsov, that was just an added extra not the main thing.
  5. This campaign is very well done. Good for getting used to the Harrier systems. Good for learning. Very well done. Thank you
  6. If I zoom in I cant see the rest of the cockpit The image displayed on the HUD does is very small and hard to read the neutral position when you start the game. I have noticed it on the A10-C SU-33 and the A10-A. It is almost as if the compleate HUD image is shrunk zooming in does solve it but I cant see the rest of the instuments in the cockpit.
  7. Hi all the display in my HUD small how do I get it to fill the full display area. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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