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  1. Thanks for the reply on the A-10 Question! What about the Difficulty settings for the campaigns?
  2. I have two questions. I just instaled Flaming Cliffs yesterday and I can no longer adjust the difficulty settings when I play a campaign. Is there something I am missing? I used to be able to adjust campaign difficulty settings with LOMAC v1.02 Thanks......:joystick: Question two.. I was wondering for the A-10 if there is a option to turn on night vision/night targeting (like the Su25T has) for the Mavrik missle Flaming Cliffs oppinion: Man what a improvement! Flaming cliffs adds so much more detail to the landscape and imporved my framerates! Not to mention squished alot of bugs.
  3. Well until today I have only had LOMAC adn that was patched to v1.02 and was so buggy I couldnt play much but I just got my copy of Flaming Cliffs and when I get home and do a unistal and reinstal or LOMAC then Instal FC I will be playing more.
  4. Well the graphic coruption reappeared after I shut down the game and came back to play after dinner. nothing has happend to my drivers since then and I also noticed a frame rate drop from 10-15 FPS after the coruption appears. Ill see if the problem presists after I get FC.
  5. It would be nice if the Polish Su22 was added as one of the flyable planes for LOMAC/Flaming Cliffs.
  6. Just keeping everyone up to date with my problem. I uninstaled My video card drivers and Reinstaled them and the graphic coruption at the bottom of the screen went away. I am assuming the CTD's were attributed to the graphic issues.
  7. Yea did a reinstal and repatch and no effect. Must be bug's. Ill wait till I get Flaming Cliffs should be here around 2/2/07
  8. I did notice when using "F2 outside view" that the graphics on the bottom of the screen where your heading and air speed are were corupted. I just did a reinstal of the game as well as updating DX to make sure everything is good to go.
  9. Update......the Game will crash mid game when pressing a button like locking a taget or getting audio confermation for the in game voice. This also with a mission that has fog. Trying to provide as much information as I can. Mind you this has happend only twice and during mission 2 of the campaing
  10. No. It seems to me with so many patches all the way up to 1.12a and I have v1.02 that the CTD's are just normal. My question is dose anyone else have CTD's with LOMAC v1.02? (Flaming Cliffs not instaled)
  11. At the moment I am running LOMAC v1.02 (I dont have CF as it is still in the mail) and occasionaly I have LOMAC CTD (crash to desk top) I have current drivers and wanted to know if anyone else has this same problem. So far both CTD's have been while playing the campaing during the A-10 Mission number 2. From what I can remeber it has only CTD twice. thanks :joystick:
  12. Lock-on patch link here! Pick the correct version for your application! http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=downloads&subcat=17&lang=en
  13. You might want to keep this all in one thread instead of starting 3 different threads. Sounds like you got the game to work by inserting the CD's so patch to 1.12a then reinsert both cd's. From what I understand about Starfoce Copy protection you do not need a serial number. It is on the disk. Just reinsert the CD when it prompts you for the serial key. Also make sure you are dowloading the correct patch! ENGWEB sounds like english Web so you are most likely downloading the patch for the DOWNLOADED VERSION of the game. That will not work with the CD version. I dont even have FC i
  14. Do you have the Flaming cliffs cd in when trying to launch the game???
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