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  1. Currently having issues with PAC-2s. It seems like the MIM-104s are teleporting themselves into space a few moments after launch (see attached track; they disappear after launch or teleport themselves into space). Seems like launch will crash the game as well if you're in a player aircraft. Uninstalling the mod seems to fix all these issues with the PAC-2s. Tacview-20210208-122758-DCS.zip.acmi
  2. Yup it works for me now as well. However, it seems that the DLZ for the SD-10 has been broken? No longer getting max range and in range cues in the JF-17.
  3. It appears installing it into the Saved Games\DCS\Mods folder fixes the missing vehicles. But it also seems that the mod no longer works that way and missiles are back to their usual disappointing performance. Installing it into the DCS root folder via JSGME seems to work, but also causes certain ground vehicles to disappear.
  4. 1.8 seems to make vehicles such as MBTs and IFVs disappear in game. Leopard 2s, LAVs, Bradleys are all gone.
  5. Same problem here. The issue doesn't seem to be limited to the Stennis. With the latest update, it seems that pretty much the majority of the ships won't even show up now. Artillery units like the BM-27 also seem to have just vanished. These units can be placed on the map in the mission editor but upon mission load, they simply aren't there.
  6. Noticed that with this mod, the PAC's MIM-104 missiles are sustaining Mach 5+ during boost and are significantly outperforming the S-300's missiles by a wide margin. Is this supposed to be the case? Seems weird given how the MIM-104 is a significantly smaller missile with a smaller motor compared to 5V55 and 48N6.
  7. PKK engages AH-1 with Igla [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Tf3RwwJ00I[/ame]
  8. First ever flight in the gazelle: :cry_2::cry_2::cry_2::cry_2::cry_2::cry_2::cry_2:
  9. +1 same problem. Battery on, AC & DC reset, fuel on, ignition on, start switch to start, hold down start/relight button... nothing; no GTS illumination.
  10. Looks like Metis-M(?) missile hit on Turkish M60T(?) Sabra Tank ERA blowout visible but Metis has tandem warhead. Looks like a definite mission kill but hopefully the crew are okay.
  11. Took a Ka-50 there and unloaded my entire arsenal into the Yacht and the bird; the bird can't be locked and doesn't respond to weapons fire and the Yacht will register hits but not get damaged. Tried ramming the bird with my Ka-50; either the bird took out my rotors when I hit it or I had a low-speed rotor clash. Here's the result:
  12. ED crew goes yachting for a day but a shark silently stalks them in the background.
  13. A fixed wing turboprop transport is a day-one preorder for me. Hopefully one equipped with a more modern avionics suite like the EFIS 854 TF; something like this with FMC + ND screens instead of only steam gauges
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