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  1. Como les va gente!!! aca les dejo para que hagan una prueba el paquete en español para el modman que hizo recofsky_sergio, yo personalmente hice un par de pruebas y no tuve problemas pero estaria bueno que varios prueben y comenten asi lo podemos subir al lugar donde se estan unificando los mods. Gracias recofsky_sergio por tu trabajo para con la comunidad de habla hispana. Descarga: http://www.adrive.com/public/0939b5a2cb3da4254293c3a5b005f81a8e87d56d6d1de825c7939271e2f50cdb.html :thumbup:
  2. Devas


    Hi 303 Tees, the only way to force the pilots within the servers do not use the automatic start is by using this little mod I did and put the settings at the SERVMAN to do the checking that the pilot has this mod installed, but is well I kicked off the server. I hope you will be helpful :book: PD: The MOD is installed with the modman. Reality-Chek-MOD.rar
  3. Hi AKA_Clutter! Here you have a possible solution to what questions I hope will be useful :book: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=38218 :thumbup:
  4. This is my wallpaper :music_whistling: ECV56 Argentinen Thanks for this excellent skin!! :thumbup:
  5. A good idea would maybe be able to work large forested areas in blocks to prevent large amount of 3D objects, something like EECH, perhaps with some separation to allow some vehicles may be located there or transit. :book:
  6. Hi All!! I have a doubt, is there any way to publish the contents of a dedicated server in a web page, the data that I would publish would be pilots, ping, name assignment, the server name and location (country). Thx!!:book:
  7. Would be interesting to have some guidance for the first steps in creating a new scenario. Besides 3dmax 2008, we need some tools?
  8. Great!!! news!!! thx! :thumbup: And now :book:
  9. Really very very nice!!!! :thumbup: for nights operations!!!!!
  10. Hi pbsmgm!!! if you have an ATI, as I do, try disabling the Catalyst AI and test again, I have solved that way :book: See you!!:thumbup:
  11. Hi again :smilewink: I leave here to download a version of Sharkpit for the Russian version of the DCS BS (modman compatible), leaving labels and text in English. http://rapidshare.com/files/222414271/SharkPit_1.0_BETA.rar.html We tested with several pilots ECV56, and appears to have no error in the texture to be embedded directly into the CDDS of the cockpit of the Russian version. Enjoy:book: THX TangoRomeo for you work and SkyPat for the excellent tool!!! :thumbup:
  12. Hi TangoRomeo, I have bought the Russian version of the DCS BS, and the MOD had the cockpit in English, when you install the new cockpit with high resolution only with the light of the panel looked at the labels English, I have taken the liberty of converting each texture to DDS and CDDS squeeze into the cockpit of the Russian and apparently works well if you have your permission to publish a version compatible with modman. :book:
  13. HI Cap_Z!!!! try the version 4.1 build 35, I install this build and although tir 4 worked well with other simulators (IL2 1946 and LOMAC FC) did not work with the black shark. Try and tell us if it works :book:
  14. Thanks Spider76, saves a lot of time doing a full detail FARP. :thumbup: There any way to move all the components to another location on the map without losing one's position? :book:
  15. TangoRomeo very nice!!!!! thanks for your work :thumbup: :book:
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