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  1. I concur...ag strafe in hornet is exactly as vctpil,s post...same is happening to me as well <its NOT ins alignment issue> just since latest update...sure they will fix! cheers
  2. Many thanks for this outstanding piece of software! Been using it since inception and is getting better every build. best wishes to you SkateZilla!
  3. Have the same problem.....workaround is to turn off then on again..could be a bug? please advise
  4. And i was going to recalibrate the warthog.....!
  5. i concur effects "flir' throughout ALL the modules
  6. Great stuff! many thanks!
  7. so do i.....<and thats NOT funny > what should the curves be on the thrustmaster warthog throttle be for the BEST/Optimal results? please pm me ..thanks in advance cheers!
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