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  1. Carriers are a thing of beauty...he's did a great job with this! Looks kinda neKKid though, no flight deck crew and no aircraft crowded in. I say that with good intent, I served aboard the Nimitz CVN-68 while I was in the navy in the early 80's...absolutely love the Tomcats, they ran the show back then. Just getting back into simming after a few years off. We did the Russian carrier ops in our maps in FC1, it was fun just playing around with it.
  2. Looks like I'm going to be buying FC3 tonight. First time back to FC since dcs started!
  3. GoT it ! Thanks a BUNCH guys! I'll go install it now... Works great! Now to profile de ol X52 the ONLY thing I didn't back up shiRt
  4. WELP. I got noticed anyway :lol: ......waiiit a minute ! They was thAAnkin me 4 noticing THEM :huh: Here's al I recvd so far.... ....mind you, this is part of what i sent in my email..i already KNOW this :joystick: I know I know PATIENCE GrasshoFFa It just struck me as funny here@1am I'm just SAY'n :music_whistling: Digital Combat Simulator - Registration information Sun, January 24, 2010 7:43:08 PMFrom: "webmaster@digitalcombatsimulator.com" <webmaster@digitalcombatsimulator.com> Add to Contacts To: jdbhillsATyahoo.com Dear John Baxter! Login: mylogin n
  5. Yepper thanx, been gone for a long time and needed this also
  6. I quit flying until I picked up Lomac FC in early 2007. I played Nova Logic fps, mostly thru the years with my clan. None of them flew. For me gaming is about all the folks that play together and the camraderie. As long as that is there, tic tac toe is fun. Teamspeak is the glue that kept us together,.. not the games we played. I'm going to try ATF and Apache on virtualbox and see if they work.
  7. Yeah, I realize I R a renter, lol. I've spent a lot of good money on lawyers and been in a number of courtrooms, lol. I also understand the EULA on software and wind0ze. I have a lot of patience also, that is why I hadn't posted about it until now, after waiting since the 16th. If they had REPLIED to my email asking for more info instead of ignoring me, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I am well aware how far 15 dollars goes in this world. I feel LUCKY that they are still working with the community to keep this going. All that said, it would have been WISER in the beginning to us
  8. My all time favorites, ATF and Apache, I used to fly 3 days straight regularly in 97, lol. Longbow and EuroFighter 2000, it had to be played in DOS. I loved apache, haven't flown a helo since then. Now I have DCS, gotta learn.
  9. I also bought DCS Black Shark when I FIRST began emailing for new keys on the 16th of this month. I figured I would fly both and get FC2.0 when IT came out. I regularly host servers with a multitude of custom maps set up for relatively easy gameplay with LOTS of action. Always a full house. Hence the TWO copies of lockon. I convinced 3 or 4 other people to buy LoMAC FC also. I very much enjoy the game and folks that fly with us. I do NOT enjoy being forced to BEG for codes to play a game I paid for. I've been around the sun a number of times and this is the first time I have ever had to as
  10. Not after the first round of emails. I sorta figured it was UNDERSTOOD that I bought it in good faith, I should be able to use it, lol. MY bad. I'll send more with reasons. THNX. The info enclosed in quotes is what I put in the email this time. Do you think it sufficient to prove I am not a thief? I also included my login, email, original transaction code, etc. "I bought the game in early 2007. I have reloaded numerous times on my various laptops/desktops and now I have a new motherboard in my desktop that I will be using to game with.. I am wanting to use the game again. I can't use
  11. Ok, I have the downloaded version of Flaming Cliffs. I am TRYING to install on XPsp3 and need new activation codes. I've emailed a few times to each one, the LAST to lockon.ru was returned undeliverable. I have the GOLD boxed version running on Win7, after two failed attempts at loading, I succeeded the third time. Just boght DCS and have it loaded on WIN7 working fine. FSX works fine on 7 also. I LUVVZ me some Flight Sims, lol. :pilotfly: If I don't receive a response in a couple of days from either of the two, I'll come back and let ya know. I saw others doing the same thing a
  12. ha thanks polecat been over a year since I flew loaded it on & last night n banging my head since off n on lol Ill do this way now
  13. Ok guys, I'm having trouble getting this script to work. I copy/pasted the short script in the readme.txt and modified the missions list part to fit my server. Changed the names of the files requested. QUESTION... I start hyperlobby, click into mission start and start the server. It goes to the screen where you click the button to OPEN mission file and stops. I open a mission manually and start the game, having to hit S to un-pause and then it runs... SO FAR, I did all the work, lol. Is this the way it's supposed to happen at startup? Or is it supposed to open the first map
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