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  1. The DCS community continues to be one of the most generous I've seen. I'd love a chance at the bird. Congratulations to whomever wins!
  2. This community continues to be incredible. Sign me up! Now back to prepping my group for the next glorious chapter in DCS history.
  3. Excellent I purchased the 120mm extension on January 16th. Within minutes of the purchase being confirmed, I was sent a personalized email from Adam, and he let me know that it would be in the post the next day. Sure enough, it was. Very quick turnaround, and very personalized service. Thanks to a fun random hold up on USPS's end of things, Adam and I had a lengthy back and forth about the progress on the shipping. He guaranteed me my money back in full if the package truly went missing, which eased my worries, and we both watched the trackers carefully. As updates finally came to the tr
  4. I want a Hawk. Thank you everyone who keeps running these sorts of community contests. It's great to see the spirit of giving so strong.
  5. Map Size Comparison I'm sure others like this exist now (or will soon), but I was curious myself and decided to quickly whip this together using the new image and Google Earth. It's not 100% perfect (some of the mountain peaks in the north are off a little - could be the map itself and not the scaling), but using the lakes and the rough positions of Creech AFB, this is pretty close. I hope this is enlightening for other inquisitive minds. Edit: All of these years lurking and finally a first post. Huh.
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