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  1. Used to be possible in google earth itself.
  2. You use high gear, or rather auto, for flights at higher altitude.
  3. 0.397Mhz sind 397Khz, also Bandschalter auf 200-500 Khz und dann der Farbe entsprechend auf 397Khz drehen.
  4. 1) You can lean around the gunsight 2) if you want too keep altitude, look at the altimeter. It' easier. 3) VSI in this airplane isnt that important.
  5. Repair works. You just have to turn off engines (like every plane in DCS) and open a window and then ask for repair.
  6. In cruise, lean In any other scenario, rich.
  7. That's not the nav light that you turned on, those are the resin lamps.
  8. razo+r

    Runway lights

    In the meantime, I can offer you a mod based on the Drem Light System:
  9. The wall surrounding the complex does not have a damage model. Rounds will just fly through it.
  10. razo+r


    Da gibts ne offizielle Liste... https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/31-official-updates/ Ist zwar in Englisch, aber da kann Translate allenfalls aushelfen.
  11. Good old DCS Spitfire Syndrome
  12. From the first picture you send I'd say those are the ships. Are you perhaps expecting different symbology?
  13. There is a specific LOD on the Ju-88 that turns on the right wing nav light when the unit gets damaged. Reproducable by shooting at the Ju-88 and then zoom in/out to see the different LOD's
  14. The AI is really struggling to intercept bombers (WWII). After a headon pass (or IF they do decide to shoot then, a headon attack), they will turn around, offset themself, try to catch up and then eventually attack from the rear or front. And this is the only thing they do. It gets even worse. When the bombers are turning, this can throw the enemy AI further back and they have to "restart" catching up with the bombers, wasting even more time. In the track attached, for some reason, one of the interceptors has decided it wants to escort the bombers instead of shooting them down. He was doing continuous zig zags above the bomber. It would be great if this could be further tuned, so that the AI either doesn't spend 15 minutes or so simply chasing a bomber, or even better if they could use different tactics all together. Bomber AI bug.trk
  15. The AI gunners of bombers have a weird priorisation. More often than not, they rather attack a target that is far away (+2km) than one flying close to them. Bomber AI bug.trk Such a case is present in this track some 5-10mins into it. You can see one of the A20s trying to shoot an A8 that is 4.6km away from it, rather than one of the A8's flying much closer. (Note the tiny dot in the clouds being the enemy that is targeted)
  16. You can unload 25% of the fuel. Example: You can unload fuel from 67% to 42%, or from 100% to 75%. Unloading in intervall does not work if you are stationary (I haven't tried yet to interrupt the process by moving). So you can unload only once 25%, rest has to be burned by flying.
  17. No, they also have instant missions on other maps. The only map the P-51, Bf-109 and Spitfire do not have instant missions is the Mariana map.
  18. I could have told you I got mine to work some day. But I've rechecked now and it seems like it doesn't work anymore. Always a "clean" message...
  19. If you say you have flaps and gear deployed and you cannot lose speed, then you are either too fast, too steep/high or you still have power on your engines...
  20. Well, if you regard the official manual issued by 1944 as a legit source, then you'd care about it not being in the manual...
  21. If you don't try to prove anything wrong with the DCS Bf-109K4, then what is the purpose of this topic? I also pointed out it's not in the manual. Other users also pointed out there is no droop. How do you come to this conclusion? Because I showed pictures that opose your facts, or is it because I simply disagree with you (because of shown material)? Seems you've never read my posting history then (which is okay). You'd see that I do not defend them to death. In contrary, I mention as much of what I think is wrong as possible. Forgive me if I was ignorant, but nowhere in this topic was it mentioned that DCS is perfect? Neither did anyone mentioned professional sims are perfect? Noone claims that 100% is achievable. But according to the sources provided, even by you, current implementation suggests that no droop seems to be correct.
  22. Scheint für viele auch ein Problem zu sein.
  23. Thing is, the mechanism is shown in the quoted K manual and the exact same in the DCS manuals. So they kind of did provide after what they modeled it.
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