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  1. Flying should not be a problem at all.
  2. 1) Yes you can. 2) Probably just the DCS AI being the "A" instead of "I" as usual. The DCS AI is very, very lacking. 3) Again, just DCS AI and it's bad pathfinding. CA is not useless per se. You can still command units, drive tanks and do stuff. I'd almost say CA itself works pretty well, it's the AI that makes life much more difficult than it should be.
  3. Would be nice to know what you are trying to kill that shoots back as there are different approaches for different units. Tanks? The higher your angle the better. LAV? The higher the angle the better, or sometimes from behind. Bunkers? Come from the deadzone. Planes? The farther the easier as the gunners are dumb as they do not lead and can only hit close targets.
  4. Has happened to me twice already but without any crash. DCS simply decided to corrupt the file and that was it.
  5. Putting prop into manual and then to high rpm is much more effective than trying to brake with open radiators.
  6. In the next patch. Whenever that one arrives.
  7. Yes, that is possible if you took enough damage.
  8. So you didnt take any damage either? Because if you did, the game may regard you as dead and then you wont have any comm options like in your picture.
  9. A workaround I know of would be to have two identical groups at the same position, one being visible from the start (which you will later deactivate) and a second one with late activation enabled (which will be used to activate again)
  10. Is also found this issue on the F-16 yesterday (only got a big MP track for it). So it may indeed be something off from ED's side.
  11. You could pause TrackIR and then press and hold the mouse wheel and drag your mouse around to move the head, release the mouse wheel and look around. Or switch to the second seat to see the other side better.
  12. Well, there was once this dude who managed to fly a Su-25T on a WWII server only hosted by ED when they were testing the new damage model. So I'm sure if someone is dedicated enough, he will get in the server regardless if there is a free plane or not.
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