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  1. First one (rough translation, some contain word-to-word translations): Reason: In the investigations and messages of DVL Nr. 1077 from E. Kuhle has reported of the extraordinary deviations from the normal trend of the dynamic pressure handforces (Staudruck = dynamic pressure?) and the rudderangles of the Fw-190 at medium Mach numbers. Due to this overturning reason, such deviations especially in regards of loadacceptance, investigations shall be made with help of air measurements, if the Me 109 has similar phenomenas. test execution: With the Me 109 W.NR.26107 3 f
  2. I have a few questions for those graphics: The first one What exactly do those values mean? Is it the required pressure to maintain altitude (lower graphs) and to achieve maximum deflection (upper graph) or is it default deflection at that speed? For example push ~20kg at M0.6, is that for maximum deflection or untrimmed level flight? Or 2 degrees of pushing at M0.6, what does that mean? And the second graphic Seeing the curve going towards 0kg at around 300 kph, that should be very light, no? But at the same time, the second graph n
  3. Mineralnyje Wody is a rather isolated airfield on Caucasus. But if you only talk about eyeball distance, basically every airbase on Caucasus, except Soganlug Vaziani and the third as well as Krosnadar, are airbases, in which you can only see one with "eyeball" distance.
  4. Once they have visual, they should start shooting direct fire. Other than that, you could set a trigger that when in zone, X attacks Y, or assign target manually if you have combined arms. But be aware that it takes them ~3 minutes between targeting and actually firing.
  5. ake offs all still seem to end the same way though - dropping the left wing / right wing lift and swing to the left... despite full right rudder and stick. Given the obvious lift on the right wing, should I have centred the stick before this point in the T/O??? If you take off too early or force it early on, you will stall, tipp over and usually crash. And another thing, ED changed the ground handling by reducing the tire friction, for some reason...
  6. SAMs engaging cruise missiles (and glide bombs) is normal for DCS. Shooting bombs though (LGBs, GBUs, Mk-8X) would be something new.
  7. Zuerst musst du diese installiert haben (Via F8 Bodencrew oder im Missionseditor). Einschalten mit RShift + H, Helligkeit ändern mit RCtrl + RShift + H und RAlt + RShift + H.
  8. Assuming your speed is still in CAS, the higher you go, the lower the number becomes (assuming TAS = constant). CAS is basically the speed that shows you how the aircraft performs at the current position. Trying to keep 375 kt CAS at 30'000ft will be hard, as this is almost M1.0. If you want to cruise at 30'000ft, (check your FPAS page), you should lower your CAS speed. FPAS usually shows a Mach number between 0.6 and 0.8 or something like that, which is around 300kt CAS. So, knowing that the CAS will drop with increasing altititude, you have to life with th
  9. 1) While true in real life, there is no penalty for not disarming in DCS. You'll just eject through the object. 2) I guess that most people don't care about checklist and procedures anyway, so very limited use (and no real benefit in DCS itself). Would the effort be worth it? 3) If such a thing is implemented, it should be expanded to a checklist feature aswell. Not only optional for those who want it, but it would allow following checklists, including disarming the seat under certain conditions. Like an interactive checklist, or even on the kneeboard by default.
  10. The white lights on the left wing are permanently on, regardless of the switch position in the cockpit. The switch in the picture is in the off position, as indicated by the turned off lights on the right wing.
  11. As someone who has seen Hornet at day and dry night, I can assure you, that the bloom is way too overdone.
  12. You should try mapping view to some buttons on the joysticck, if possible.
  13. What's also interesting is the fact that those two pictures contradict themself. One has 4 BRM stations, the other only 2. One has only 2 C-802, the other one has 3. One has 4 500lbs bombs per wing and 1 fuselage, the other only 3 per wing.
  14. Learn the one that you like or the one in which you have the most experience with.
  15. Ancient issue that ED has yet to fix...
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