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  1. Hat von euch einer einen unterschied im FLIR zwischen den DCS standart Texturen und dem neuen Starway Mod festgestellt? Ich bin zwar kein A-10 Pilot find aber das in der Gazelle wesentlich schwerer geworden ist Ziele im FLIR auszumachen.
  2. So after I testing around I get AFN-2 only on 190 working again, seem's on the 109 with the new extra channel for AFN-2 I get no luck with all I tested in all directions probably ED have here more work to do. For 190 you have to set ground unit like in the follow screenshot PS for the non German it called 1. EPRLS on 2. set Frequency and 3. send message
  3. AFN-2 did work, i have to check it when i comming home from work, it didnt work with airfield frequenz so far i remember, you have to set seperate Unit like HMMWV sign freuqenz and audio sample you can hear the Homing. But there was something special don't know currently i have to check it.
  4. After P-51 is quiet heavy you have to climb only slightly in a Zoom, and do your manoeuvres always gentle, because quickly yank the stick cost allot of energy. And 109 is lighter airframe in a hard climb the Mustang lose faster his speed because of gravity. After I am not the top of the Notch Mustangs possible wait for more answers :thumbup:
  5. 109 beat all currently because of SFM, in previous version the P-51 AI was the same ED tone down the AI flight model of the P-51. Only 109 left.
  6. Fragger did the HOT guidiance euqipment work on the same way like in the Gazelle the small joystick looks littel bit different and the WSO stick on the left side?
  7. Apparently from the next Heli wish thread, for me can only the 1 Chopper the next Modul the iconic Mi-24 crocodile.
  8. Also what kind of Model we have ingame, later Gazelle use also a TFT Display with moving map compare to our sagem CRT display. Much new stuff is allways under top secret, i think our Gazelle some where around 1990 equipment. Dont think Siri is ask you about your feelings in the near DCS future :smilewink:
  9. Mission 6 I killed 3 vehicles from the observation point, was there more can't find any future trucks? I am blind? found only angry infantry with strelas and mission is not procress.
  10. But remind me, i try this often but i can say it's now years ago there was bug where push your plane after full stop from deck. It's still there?
  11. Not easy question but have F5 higher energy recovery on the light airframe then the F-14 F-15? Or is this comparable because F-14 F-15 have much more dry thrust then the F-5.
  12. Nice done, seems like the VHF/AM Radio console found also new place in the main panel.
  13. To be fair, they was near to accomplish there Target after a unwary wide to high turn the shilkas send me farewell greetings and ripe my empty launcher tubes apart from my right weapons holder and some 23 mm bird strikes in my gazelle fuselage lucky me. :smilewink:
  14. So finally I have tonight for sure nightmares from the dam DRAX how is yell in my ears Mission 5 done the campaign is difficult as **** but so much fun to fly recommend this if you master the Gazelle. Diving in the Hell not really warm welcome Revenge Back at Sukhumi at Roma Farp
  15. In terms of ED problem here is DCS is spread over wide era of aviation, and they have A load of work everywhere. Hope the things speed up littel bit ED dont say in 5 years bring to less money we skip this.
  16. DCS is simply lacking of content, get bored after while and much to less player count currently. DCS also feel's much more natural then BOS planes, especially FW-190 model flying brick. Hope with Spity and normandy more players will show up.
  17. I get the link in Time, but it's incredible fast 350KB/s need forever currently don't think you miss something when you don't get the link now.
  18. It does matter because I have to catch up my lost sleep at work, I think my boss don't thrust me it's Starways fault :P Take your time..
  19. Any one know, is this (DLC) come as overwrite for the original DCS files or JSGM Mod?
  20. PayPal possible don't want people with stolen credit cards to detonate around the world... Starway...
  21. From depth and Texture quality the Gazelle is much far a head then ka-50 the oldest model, you can read most things without zoom in, where in the ka-50 sometimes on the old panels to the right you have to stick your head in the consol to read something ADF for example.
  22. I get Time and motivation again, after I get little bit frustrated with Mission 3 to move forward with Mission 4 with the hardest part: Wait you see nothing me to, was hard to get a nice gently landing on this tiny destroyer success :worthy:
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