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  1. hahaha, outstanding! Yesterday I was watching a show about carriers on smithsonian and had a similar conversation with my wife. I told her that we've (simmers) been waiting for this since the 90's, many of us were kids by that time :joystick:
  2. Yesterday we tested launching them at 3k ft, trying to make them skim the sea all the way with no joy. So, after the waypoint it turned to the search bearing and was almost flying directly towards the target. When they got around 10-15 miles to the ship, SAM's already destroyed 3 of 4 harpoons, the last one turned a bit off the target, flew some miles more and only then, dropped down and turned back into the target for the hit. For now I think the missile adjusted it's flight path for a perpendicular hit and it only goes skimming very close to the target.
  3. Come on, it's awesome enough for you to learn a bunch of new stuff as it is!
  4. Same here. I started using the cues Maverick describes on his video and then I changed focus to the basket after I got smoother enough. Once I was on pre-contact closing in for the basket and the tanker banked left, at the moment I didn't notice what was happening and kept chasing the basket as smooth as I could. Only after contact, when I changed focus to the pod that I noticed the tanker had turned and I was banked too.
  5. I always look at the basket when refueling the f18 or mirage, due to the probe being so close to the canopy. The only time I recall missing the basket on the first attempt was 2 weeks ago when the left basket was already taken and I had to go for the other one while the tanker was turning left. I guess on that condition the basket and my plane were getting more turbulence... After contact, I change my focus to the tanker, keep that green light on.
  6. Step bug got me yesterday. I had mixed loadout (sead, jdams, jsow and a2a) and after the air engagement, went air to ground to start designating targets. On stores page the first pair of jdams selected by the weapon system was number 3, so I set pp1 and pp2 but couldn't step to station 7. Then I dropped the first jdam, the system changed to station 7 and the step button started working again (on jdam page).
  7. Spend some time refining your axis curves and you'll be refueling like a champ in no time. The same works mastering the Huey, good axis curves are a requirement to fly properly.
  8. There's a "trigger" fuction on the FLIR screen, one of the OSB's at the right side of the screen which (I think) changes the way you fire the laser, holding it on or clicking it on/off.
  9. Damn, after years playing dcs, this problem got me yesterday. I lost like 90% of my keyboard binds for the M2K, not sure if there's more. I just can't modify the binds, it's kinda crossed out. My dcs is always uptodate and last download I did was NTTR and f18 agressor campaign I bought last week. Already deleted DCS user folder and repairing afterwards. I tried deleting DCS game folder/inputs and mod folder too, the problem remains... Haven't tried to roll back dcs version yet. Any ideas? S! Edit: HAAA! https://www.facebook.com/RazbamSims/posts/2325547244198567
  10. Here it always happens with SSAA on and MSAA off. If MSAA is on or SSAA is off I get the nice textures but it feels like the overall appearance has darker colors than what is shown inside the artifacts.
  11. damn, I posted it in the wrong section :(
  12. Anyone of you guys having the same problem? When I use only the MSAA I get the blue sea texture, without the colors and patterns of shallow waters. My settings: Tex - H Terrain - H Water - H Shadows - H 1080p MSAA off SSAO 1.5x Anisot 2x I'm running an i7 8700k, 16gb ram at 3200, gtx970 and a NVME SSD.
  13. Same problem at op hammerfall mission 4, jtac not responding "Ready for further remarks" radio call. :( just a heads up: On hammerfall mission 4, when Anvil reports that they took the CLA base, right on the beggining of the message, the audio is "Ford, this is Anvil..." and the written message is "Dodge, this is Anvil...". Minor mistake :thumbup:
  14. Hey, is there any chance to re-release this campaign as coop for 2 players?
  15. I tried what Sith asked CHDT to do and I just noticed a small difference, like I only had to adjust more frequently than agressively. It might not be a good comparison but when I do the same on the 109, fullstop and WOT, there's like 80% chance of crashing if I don't apply full right rudder from start. I'm not saying it should be the same in both aircrafts but it feels like the magnitude of the forces in the 51 are somewhat reduced. My opinion is based on take off's only.
  16. That was my first thought when started testing 1.5. The huey felt amazing too, easier take off's and landings, more controllable hovering. I think the core of the game is executing faster in general, reducing delays all around and as a result, increasing fps. On 1.2 I had good fps too but not the same controlability. If we are correct on these assumptions, it's great to see how dcs is coming along... yay!
  17. It's definitely easier to take off now. However, during flight it feels the same. :dunno:
  18. for some unknown reason, the stutters are gone for me on multiplayer! YAY!
  19. I used to play on multiplayer servers with ping around 150-300 without any stutters. After the update, I simply can't. High fps and stutters, like 0.5s delay. Offline runs normal. :(
  20. I want to go to Las Vegas!!! :music_whistling: :D
  21. We shouldn't be able to id anything at long range, and that is happening now as we can see the shape of the model from far away. Idk if it's just me but it seems that the model shrinks a little when you zoom in, so it's easier to see without zooming so much. And estimating range by eye is not good too at first but I got the hang of it. IMO, the system should go back to the scalling dots or a block of dots at long range, like 5-10km or 7-15km, being 10-15km max spotting range, and the new scalling system working at 0-5/7km. Maybe ED could add this kind of setting in options then we test and post the results so we can reach a common ground or a range of acceptable settings.
  22. I dont need to see anything! I just need sagepay/paypal working ASAP! :D
  23. its not working here... tried several times, billing addresses match exactly. :(
  24. what about this mi-24 wannabe huey? Its painted like that for training!
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