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  1. I was dreaming to fly this variant and do Cold war / night / frozen winter / anti ship attacks in the Baltic sea.
  2. p. 111 and 252. Should also be mentioned, that when mag slave is commanded but the ir seeker cannot lock the radar target, the circle will be blinking inside the radar square. Would be nice to provide also a picture with the circle inside the square. p. 35 (mag slave button functionality). ''AA Mode: It slaves the Magic missile seeker to the radar or viceversa. Only works when there is a locked radar target or a magic locked target [since the button commands also radar to seeker slave] and Magic missiles have been selected ... ΄΄. Also i'm not sure the last sentence (and Magic
  3. Yes, the bug is [REPORTED] not yet [SOLVED] and judging from razbam's latest changelog for the upcoming update it seems that the bug will still be there. Ignore the link above, initially there were 2 different threads (one in september and one in october) for the same bug, with that link i was reffering to the first one. Both threads got then merged to the current one.
  4. If anyone is interested to see in deetail the various cockpit variations and differences between the F1 versions here is a good book http://www.aerostories.org/~aerobiblio/article5993.html https://dogfight-editions.com/fr/hor...serie-n01.html The CE seems to be very close to the French F1C-200.
  5. Fantastic news! Will an english labbeled cockpit be available?
  6. Nice interview! Regarding the eurofighter hotas. I have asked winwing 2 weeks ago on their discord channel if there is a chance to build one. Tonylin409, who is working with them, said that he will move heaven and earth try to convince the team to do something of it. Perhaps you could get in contact with them also.
  7. Is there a chance to see an F-14 throttle?
  8. Sure. I disabled real time protection in Malwarebytes (all 4 tabs). Did a dcs repair. And launched the game. After i exited the game enabled again Real time protection which i have to disable every time before i start the game.
  9. Thx! I have already sent you a PM. For the time being ignore it please. Malwarebytes seems to be the problem.
  10. Is there a support contact where i can request help from heatblur? I have a ''dlc f-14 is not authorized' message that prevents me using the module. Thank you
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