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  1. Excellent news! I have already began my virtual type rating
  2. Well i have a wish. Could you give us with the -95 a default VF-84 1978-1979 USS NIMITZ livery (with the horizontal stabilizers and the flaps painted light grey / white or whatever this color is). The F-14A looks so badass in that livery. And to stay on topic (), yeah the patches on the pilot body are cool to.
  3. The 2 most important points IMO are 1) The module is in an advanced state, as can be seen in the respective videos they have posted. They have shown basic functionlaity for different hud / gunsight modes and a dogfight video. 2) There is no release date to share
  4. I know, everyone is asking for 530's , exocets etc but could you (Aerges) add also the.... Aim-9P ? The missile is arleady in the game and it was used from the F1-CG's (in the P3 and P5 variants iirc). Would be cool to practice bfm's with that.
  5. Little confused here about the upcoming FM changes. In the viper mini update from 7h August wags said : One of the most important updates we are working on for the Viper is adjusting the angle of attack and G loading models. We’ve been making good progress, and the sustained rates match the reference data well across airspeeds, altitudes, drag indexes, etc. The same can also be said for acceleration and Instantaneous Turns Rates (ITR) below approximately 20k MSL. We do though still need to adjust acceleration and ITR above 20k MSL. This is not a simple matter, and we hope to have this task complete this autumn. So the STR improvements are done, next are the g - onset improvements (planned for today, right?) , and what about the ITR ? Below 20K MSL are the respective FM changes already released or not?
  6. Off topic. No , they fly up to 7.5g. I had exact the same impression until i asked a month ago my bfm training partner, who's ceo / friend (and passionate dcs player) flew the hornets for the swiss air force (they are working on the A320's now) Back on topic. My understanding is to, as GG Tharos staited above, that you fight lke train and otherwise. So when you are coming into the merge you are flying at the optimum speed that according to you training (so without the paddle) gives you the best turn performance for the specific aicraft configuration, and not an (not covered by EM diagrams and training) highger speed to take advantage of the higher g loads and sustain them for longer time. The above mentioned swiss pilot said that the hornet is designed to be flown as an AoA machine and not high g turn machine.
  7. Agree. Someone has to post that in the dcs wishlist forum.
  8. The OP asked if a -C version will come after the -E version. Considering the fact that the question was posted in Razbam's forums, he asked if Razbam will develop in the future the -C (not a pseudo -C in the form of -E without CFT' s etc) version. We all can asume that the answer to this question is a big NO (though i personally would not be against the idea to provide the ability to remove the CFT's with the respective FM adjustments, but i doubt razbam would invest the extra required human resources for that). The only company who could eventually develop a true full fidelity F-15C is ED itself, owner of the FC3 F-15C (which could be the basis for the further development of the product as a FF module). Beside the fact that a respective thread is already running (in the wishlist forum or the FC3 ), i'm sure most of us (Eagle fans) remember that ED's CEO said in an interview (about a year ago?) that the -C version is not planned because it's lacking multirole capabilities (so it wouldn't be a big money production machine). IMO our only hope is to convince ED that there is a market for such a product.
  9. That's great! Small off topic question: are any additional official liveries planned (i'm looking for final countdowns vf-84- currently i have a good one from a user installed) ? Also is the in cockpit pilot body coming? Back on topic. If i understand it correctly the above listed FM changes will affect (improve) not only flying around the boat / level flight acceleration etc but also BFM performance, right?
  10. In that context, would it be possible / '' more realistic'' to introduce (as an option for the player) reduced head movement capability (for trackir / vr / hat switch) under heavy g loads? So when you are pulling 9 g's you can't move your view (in a BFM fight) as easy as in a straight and level flight (i'm curious how are real pilots dealing with that IRL).
  11. Τhx! Ofc I didn't wanted the standard version (by far best skin in dcs) to be replaced with this one. It would be cool if you could do the other one as a separate complete version
  12. Thx MAV ! Could you also mod your standard ec 2/5 skin in this version? So without the black top part (with white cross) of the tail and with the blue / yellow crossed pilot helmet?
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