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  1. Your right, 1 year is not long enough to get kinks worked out :P better wait for BS ... :smilewink:
  2. Yes I'm sure they would put a buggy aircraft in service with 70% of its systems off that can barely fly...I mean after all who cares about risking pilots lifes and hundreeds of millions of dollars in technologie. :noexpression: I get the point that it could be seen as a threat for an enemy country to aquire a stealth aircraft when you dont have one...but Im pretty sure no one would start bombing that country because they "might attack us with no reason with their ubber planes"...honestly
  3. That as got to suck. I would guess the only thing to do if a F-22 spikes you is to turn away from it and run...I know thats what I would do rather then eat a '120 shot in the front teeth. So are you saying the F-22 is the biggest mistake in aviaion history ? Or the fact that no other country as made a equivalent is a mistake ? /confused :helpsmilie:
  4. Not really as they use the same controls ("rudder pedals" not "nose wheel steering pedals") :)
  5. Rudders are for taxi. Or if you lose an engine I guess :P Useless in normal flight, and confusing in formation, as rudder mouvements might be interpreted as order to change formation type...thats my 2 cents anyways.
  6. Hehe dont be shy I hope I still play games past 41 and dont become some mean ogre that hates technologie :) I use to play mmorpgs with guys way over 41...oldest I ever played with was 57 and I'm sure theres older out there.
  7. I'm builduing a new system and theres no way im getting vista until threads like this one stop popping up :) XP is kinda cheap now anyways and you can even get XP with a coupon of some sort to upgrade to vista when you feel your ready. Of course if your computer came with it...but even then I still think I would format and use XP.
  8. Well that chart is actually old but if you look at the prices now you can get a E6400 for 5$ more then an AMD x2 5000+ and they perform nearly the same and I know for a fact you can push the E6400 to 3ghz with a 30$ fan wich will make it perform like a AMD 64 FX-62 stock. But anyways he is planning on getting a 3800+ not a 5000+ and there are no Core 2 duo's in the 3800+'s price range but for 100$ more he can get a E6300 wich performs at least 15% better stock...but like I said "if its an option for you" .
  9. Well from what I know the F15 in Lomac as a 60 degree azimuth for the radar wich you can change to 30 degrees (shift + ...I think). So turning 30 degree or more from the target would indeed make you break lock as 60 degrees is total (30 left/30 right). Also remember the closer the target his the thiner thats 60 degrees is. Just for an example take a triangle from a corner, the further you go from the corner the more space there is between the sides so 60 degrees at 10 nm makes a huge search range compared to 60 degrees at 1 nm.
  10. I think he meant he was buying an AMD x2 3800+. But your still going to be better off with a core 2 duo if its a possibility for you. Get a E6400 or a E6300 they'r dirt cheap and perform better for the price then AMD.
  11. Yeah its one of those new "Environmental-Friendly" missiles.
  12. Try Saitek ? Maybe they sell spare parts..tell em the spring melted from friction of evading all those R77's :joystick: :megalol:
  13. It would help in Lomac if you played in a very high resolution. But anything bellow 1600x1200 is nothing for a 8800 wont even make it sweat. Get a 30 inch monitor crank the rez to ~2500x1900 and youll see you get the same fps as you do now...except youll hear those 2 8800's screaming for more.
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