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  1. Hey Devs, It seems like it's very common to have issues after an update that are resolvable by deleting the \fxo\ and \metashaders2\ folders from the [user]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta directory. I've also heard of some people getting general framerate boosts by doing this after an update, but it's not necessarily issue-driven that they do so. Would it make sense to have the installer delete these folders automatically when the game is updated, to allow the shader cache to be regenerated? Or perhaps at least prompt the user to do so? Thanks!
  2. Hey, can we not make this a generational thing? The most opinionated people on Hoggit are middle aged guys who've been regulars for years anyway. I know because I've read there and here for about 7 years now, since wayyyyy before Reddit quite took off for the younger crowd, and this Hoggit vs. Forums crap isn't a new thing.
  3. NineLine, Wags, just so you guys know, you can disable Reddit PMs entirely (only approved users can send) if you're receiving shitty messages directly: https://www.reddit.com/prefs/blocked :thumbup:
  4. Honestly my biggest qualm with MP is the ridiculous load times and startup lag.
  5. Can never get sick of this song. Great video.
  6. Teeter


    Very glad to hear that you are enjoying it! Clear skies ahead! :pilotfly:
  7. Hey guys, Considering getting rid of this rig and purchasing something more mobile to use for DCS development. Does anybody have any experience with the Surface Book (if possible, specifically the i5/dGPU or i7/dGPU models). Thanks. :thumbup:
  8. Indeed, it is already in the repository. Great work, Rlaxoxo!
  9. Hey guys, Work on the RAZBAM DCS: AT-27 flight model is getting started, and I would like to work in parallel with a few live at-will (and at your convenience) testers. I would like three testers total, to work in a team as well as independently. I've asked two, and only one has accepted so far (the other is undecided). Please, provide some reasons why you would make a great tester! It doesn't seem like it should be a big deal, but I'm really looking to assemble a small team of real know-it-alls as opposed to a reckless squadron of...whatever you want to call it. The two that I've as
  10. I just knew this would pop up somewhere before too long!
  11. Meet the Team: 13 Years of RAZBAM Simulations _____________________________________________________________________________________ Old Dog, New Tricks RAZBAM Simulations has been creating top-notch military and civil aircraft simulations since 2003. Until recently, RAZBAM development was focused exclusively on the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. However, the team has stepped away from developing for the aged Flight Simulator X, and into the split future of flight simulations: Lockheed Martin'
  12. Sorry guys, but map development, at this time, isn't on our to-do list. We'll leave that to other developers :)
  13. Not a trainer. Not an unarmed helicopter. Not a transport aircraft. Not a flying thing without a gun. It's a flying thing with 2x 20mm and 4x 7.62mm guns.
  14. Loud and clear, guys. However, for the love of god, it's not a trainer. Don't call it a bad word just because you don't want us to make it ;)
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