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  1. Huey is my only chopper - it’s a blast. It’s the only helicopter that has Jumping Jack Flash, Gimme Shelter or Fortunate Son playing in the background when I fly it. I’ll be all over a Cobra, but until then it’s the Huey when a chopper bug bites. Whoppa Whoppa.
  2. Didn’t realize “follow” had the offset setting etc - thank you.
  3. Then I guess my query is about the bdu-50. Thread title changed. F-16C loading ...and thank you!
  4. I would like to be able to assign say an aerobatic maneuver to an aircraft set as an Escort, or assign an Escort action to an aircraft set for CAS. I have a situation where I need a CAS aircraft to join up and escort some enemy AC, but I don't have this option in 'triggered actions' This requires some slight-of-hand on my part to change this aircraft to "escort" in the middle of the mission (by deactivation/activation of another) then I need this 'new' escort version of the aircraft to pull a combat turn later, but now of course I lack the aerobatics actions. In place I'm having him 'push' to a waypoint simulating the turn, but I really need that aerobatic command. In essence I'd like to see all actions available with all appropriate aircraft types.
  5. With regard to the HOTAS remark, I tend to agree with caveats. A poor quality or older controller that is jumpy or has poor resolution is not going to serve you well. My older Saitek twist stick would not have served me well in DCS, especially with the Huey. I purchased a mid-range stick from an upper-end brand, and it's a night and day difference. You get what you pay for, even if you're paying a bit too much right now.
  6. I find zoom extremely useful for in-cockpit viewing of various things...little use for it outside the cockpit. I'm certainly grateful for the feature.
  7. It's a fantastic module...just stunning.
  8. Ahh...so the 45/45b is Navy only. Got it.
  9. I thought at one point that I'd seen these on the Viper road map - can anyone confirm? I might be mixing this up with another module. I could really use them for a project that's in the works.
  10. Here's the near me...although they don't fly it anymore (I hope the museum reopens) Flying heritage museum At one of their shows maybe 4-5 years ago now, they had 2 Oscars and 2 Wildcats all up at the same time. I have no idea who owned the other 2 Oscars, but the FHC's own Oscar wasn't one of them.
  11. Cool...but I'm not talking about replicas. I saw 2 flying at once at the Flying Heritage Museum a handful of years back.
  12. There are several flying/flyable Oscars around.
  13. BAh....The A6M was a dangerous opponent in the right hands up until fairly late in the war - and it's a Zero...gotta have it...there's just nothing like it. The Hayate lacks the mystique.
  14. I'll add my voice to the "texture re-work" wish. This is a great module, and it would be nice to see the texture work brought up to standard with the newer releases. I'd also like to see soldier models added with animations to enable insertion/extraction of operators.
  15. I might be missing something - but this seems fairly simple just in the editor itself never-mind scripting - however I’m not exactly clear on what you’re trying to pull off. Assuming a static zone, and known units in that zone...seems like simple editor logic to me. Again, I might be missing something.
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