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  1. Oh sorry I forgot who is the boss here.
  2. Probably this thread about FLCS goes ignored also, but I will keep asking because the flight model and the takeoff-landing physics are the most important thing to me in a simulator. More than any weapon system. In order to understand your airplane better, your airplane should not lie to you. Here I would like to note that current flight model isn't terrible. People can live with that and ED can just go on with other things. But: Please see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPn4iBCI9Mo Before the takeoff roll the nose will pitch up and down depe
  3. Same thing happened to all of us while flying on our MP server. The air temp was -8, no winds, snowing, mild turbulence. Almost half of us experienced the jet is violently pitching up/down, which would never happen in real life. It was totally extraordinary shaking.
  4. I fully support the idea of Airfield Assets Pack. I have not much interest in "Cold War" or "Post Cold War" Ground Forces Set but I believe that's interesting for many of us here. About drive-able tanks and other things similar to CA; this is a different dimension. People here in this forum today are 99% fliers. I can assure you that they won't be interested in tanks that much. BUT STILL, there are lots of tank gamers outside of this community and they are more than us in numbers. Tanks games are being played more than flight simulators because they can be played in its full p
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OYnk-M8t3YP_WTYSlS9FtV--OLW20Vg6/view?usp=sharing Check the missile fired at 28:38 This is not a good AIM-120 tracking. That missile could have killed.
  6. INS should have nothing to do with disappearing symbols on the datalink. But yes it IS broken. We fly every week with friends and we ALWAYS have some problem with datalink. Sometimes DL works for all of us, then after 5 minutes nothing works, another 7 minutes and some people's DL works. This is bugged since it was introduced...
  7. We flew muticrew putting up various targets around the airport. Aiming with the guns is real fun in VR :) However the pilot should be quite steady and smooth. Guns are powerful
  8. There is problem with Incirlik. See my post above. Incirlik strangely does not belong to any sides. It stays neutral. However the flights are generated. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  9. Trying pop-up attack on a known position. We flew ~100nm and tried pop-up attack on certain coordinates. The STPT location was shifted about 100 meters from the original location. We are sure that we marked the exact location, including the elevation but then when we traveled there for the attack it was not precise location. I dont have time to provide video or track file but keep in mind to investigate this.
  10. In fact it is already dead, but it needs some time to get the actual destruction. I forgot to mention that it does not get destroyed immediately. It will explode like fireworks for some time.
  11. There is nothing that double gbu-10s wont penetrate
  12. Using default VR settings, when the datalink activates the missile screen I see blank textures on the screen. This is probably because of distant location being undrawn. Which graphics setting should I increase in the options?
  13. Its been a long time nothing is done for Yak-52. Lots of bugs waiting for fix.
  14. Using Liberation 2.2.1, Top title and about section says version 2.2.0. I tried creating new campaign, Invasion from Turkey, Blufor Modern vs Russia 2010. Incirlik AB belongs to Neutral faction when you go inside the mission. You can create flights but cannot rearm/refuel. You may want to fix in the next update.
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