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  1. @Frederf I noticed the same issue. Any idea if this is made intentionally or is this a bug? You cannot refuel externals well, if you aren't really low on internal fuel.
  2. Any way to do this? For example if both unit1 AND unit2 is inside the zone AND their speed is below 40knots.
  3. +1 for the same block 50 that we have, D model. Would be so nice for squadron training, weapon employment ease and multiplayer taste. F-16 is currently the most popular aircraft in MP servers along with the Hornet.
  4. Terzi

    Timing Issue

    I was reading the HAF document. It is really so that ED model was right to pause the clock without power on the FCC and it will continue from the last known time when the power is back on. (section 1-303 to 1-306) This is very nice when there is no GPS signal. 1-253: "When the receiver has valid cryptokeys loaded and is tracking four satellites, accurate position, velocity and time data are provided to the aircraft ...." 1-255: "The GPS provides: ... ... Time of day GPS data is also used in have-quick syncronization"
  5. Terzi

    Timing Issue

    Video was not enough? How can I help more? By evidence, do you mean that the real F-16 time sync process?
  6. Terzi

    Timing Issue

    @BIGNEWY The time that is passed without electricity during startup causes shift in system time. Here I boosted the time on purpose before the ramp start and the result is ~5min shift.
  7. Terzi

    Timing Issue

    It makes sense to have manual correction for the time settings. But if the jet can sync with the satellites automatically, then we should have this already. I see no point in setting the time manually in every flight. There is no such operation in real-life ramp start procedure that I got from own sources. Let's wait for ED to comment on this; why they made it so, or are they gonna do further work on this.
  8. Terzi

    Timing Issue

    Let's say that the mission starts at 5:00 AM in Syria. We have Hornets and Vipers in the mission in MP server. After the ramp start, in multiplayer we confirmed that the F/A-18C shows the correct time as; let's say 5:13. The Viper on the other hand shows as (UTC 2:13 - minus the time spent without electric). Showing the time in UTC is acceptable. But each aircraft will startup in different seconds or minutes, thus showing the wrong time for each jet. So the Hornets took off in exact time, while the Vipers were thinking there is still 2 more minutes until the takeoff time. Because t
  9. If you rearm your jet, and move before saying "reaming complete"; the SMS page will not update. You will have your weapons on wings but the avionics will not show them. This could be one reason...
  10. Well maybe more than slight In low altitudes difference would be more and high altitudes less.
  11. In Hornet while you fly around the carrier with flaps down, you are supposed to adjust the vertical velocity by using the throttle. This is very useful doing carrier ops. The physical shape along with the flight computer software was designed to do so. You trim the airplane for AoA and you don't need to use the stick at all for pitching up/down. In Viper I noticed that similar thing happens, which is a wrong behavior. As you approach for landing with good AoA, adjusting the throttle controls how high or low the FPM (flight path marker) will go. This is incorrect for Viper and proba
  12. I don't know about intake temperatures, but going faster means more volumetric air intake per given time, thus slight increase in PPH.
  13. That's correct behavior because as the speed changes the blades will hit faster air, will spin easier and breathe more oxygen.
  14. This implementation shouldn't be that difficult. I wonder why we still don't have it. I know that the F-16 is early access but we have to wait that long to get such simple things.
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