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  1. I seem to be having a problem getting FFB to work correctly with this module... I'm using a MSFFB2 and for some reason I cannot get the trimmer to work at all, the stick always returns to center and doesn't set the new position and doesn't change the position either when I look at the controls position with Rctrl+Enter. I've had a browse around and tried some of the solutions such as swapping the axis in ffb tune and double checking I have the correct setting in the special options selected, but no joy... I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious, but idk. I don't think it's my stick as it wo
  2. I have experienced this crash today, too. For me it was using VR, but at the same place, zooming in on the INS panel.
  3. Is the update Open beta or on the Stable version? Can't seem to get DCS to update on mine (Stable) ?
  4. No, the command to turn on/off radar seems to be unavailable, but I forced it on through the advanced waypoint options and he was showing up on my RWR, so I assume it was working.
  5. Hi, all. Sorry if this has been asked before, I had a quick scan and couldn't see anything... Unless I'm blind. (Possible) So, I've been trying out random BVR fights in the editor and I've noticed my AI fellows don't seem to be using their BVR missiles. I give them the order to engage bandits and instead of trying to use their Fox 1s or 3s they just dive straight in with fox 2s. Is their behaviour with the F/A-18 just not fully implemented yet?
  6. To be honest with you, it's fine as it is. It was simply a case of me not listening properly and not reading the manual even though it totally does suggest doing that... :doh: It's a fun aircraft though, and I'm really enjoying the learning process, even if my own stupidity is holding me back at times haha. :thumbup: @xXmustangXx See page 153 of the manual. - Set the desired Tacan code, for example 44X and be sure to set it to T/R. - Set the HSI to tacan mode and confirm that the thick needle points to the desired station - Go into Theta mode and input your desired offset bearing
  7. Okay, I figured out the problem. As I initially suspected, it was due to Pilot error :music_whistling: It turned out I had been using the wrong format for putting the numbers into Rho and Theta. :doh: Anyways, it seems to be working just fine now. Thank you both for trying to help me though. :thumbup:
  8. I am on the stable branch. I don't understand it. I am understanding correctly that it should direct me 20NM to the south of the tacan station, right? But, nope, it just points in the direction of the station itself. I did a bit more testing, I seemingly got it to work correctly on the persian gulf map, but two other attempts did the same thing of just pointing me at the station. :huh:
  9. Hi man... No it's not the campaign, just the navigation training mission. I get the same results if I create a fast mission... I must be doing something wrong, but it's driving me mad trying to figure it out lol :joystick:
  10. Howdy folks, So, I'm doing the training missions for the Mirage and up to the one where it's teaching offset with the tacan, but it seems like I always end up in the wrong place, or perhaps I have the wrong understanding of how it works... So, like it tells me I follow these steps: Set tacan to 44X and on T/R Set Theta to the bearing of 180 Set Rho to 20NM Set the HSI in Vad mode I then turn the aircraft to steer towards the bearing that the thick needle on the HSI points to... And this is where I am either doing something wrong or understanding incorrectly, because this seem
  11. Thanks skull, that did the job :thumbup: and thank you once again for this great mod :)
  12. Hi Skull, I'm having a small issue with your mod, when I install it with Mudspike's mod it overrides the texture on the gun sight on the "No Hand Hold" part, any idea how to sort it?
  13. Excellent update, very informative. Others have said it before but having spent a good amount of time with the Mig-21 I know we're in good hands for this one and will be worth the wait :thumbup:
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