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  1. Indeed I did not lase before the drop! So I think it is a combination of my fault and realistic hit area! Thank you ED for this realism!
  2. Hello! In the attached track I tried to hit a tank with JDAMS. Alltough I aim at the ground below the tank the bombs miss 2 times... the third one hits. Did I do something wrong or is there a bug wiht JDAMS? Thank you F16 JDAM.trk
  3. I thought this is a feature of the Lightning II Targeting Pod in real life... not that much of the Aircraft itself.
  4. Not implemented so far... but I THINK it will be in the future.
  5. Cockpit and avionics philosophy including the weapon Systems is highly intuitive in the Viper. The Hornet is unnecessarily complicated... I think that is the difference between navy and air force. I love the viper!
  6. See the bug in action - Grim Reapers Drag Race - at 03:35 two mossis start smoking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h64GandC9n8&ab_channel=GrimReapers
  7. Hello! When I start up the Mossi from cold and dark (following the manual and checklists from other users) the left engine starts smoking white, sometimes on ground. sometimes in air... It seems there is no temp problem. The right engine has the same temps and settings and is not smoking. SEE SCREENSHOTS: https://imgur.com/a/zvgavU4
  8. I also think altimeter is more useful than VSI on the Mosquito. She is so twitchy on the elevator, the VSI is too sensible for it.
  9. Hello! Which parts are made of wood on the Mossi? I am sure the fuselage is made out of wood, but are the wings too?
  10. I really like the way ED implemented Petrovich. It is way faster than Jester and there is really not that much to remember.
  11. I hope her behaviour is realistic this way I love to be able to takeoff and land a WWII bird.
  12. How is the bigger distance between the wheels affecting torque? Could this be the reason why she is not that affected by it on ground, but more in air?
  13. Hmmm this makes me think I should buy it I think there is a lot WIP but I think it should be a bit more stable because of its size and distance between gears... alltough it has two torque producing engines.
  14. Hello! I know this question is not answered easily, but what is the difficulty level flying the Mosquito compared to other WWII Birds? I own the FW190 and the Mustang for example - I get them in the air, but it looks not very professional ...I dont want to talk about landing them... I think I will pass the Mosquito, but I just have to ask what you guys say - Is it harder to takeoff, fly and land then other warbirds from WWII, or more easy? Thank you!
  15. Aaah I think I forgot to set it to ground level... This is mandatory I think?
  16. Hello! I attach a track where I wanted to attack the SA2 at WPT-2. I released 4 JSOWs and they flew to the target waypoint, circled around the target and finally navigated into the sea without attacking anything. Did I do something wrong? It was a hotstart on the ground - A-G Mode, JSOWs where aligned, released at aroung FL300... JSOWs_NoAttck.trk
  17. Thank you guys! Already learned a lot.
  18. Is it possible to get a written sheet of Nadias (i think this is the name for the russian bitchin betty) warnings and comments? I would love to know what she is saying to me, but I dont speak russian. It would be nice to have it in text so that i can translate it via google. So that I can learn the phrases and know whats going on.
  19. Both assignments exists, both fire the gun... looks like a leftover?
  20. Watching the Video was pure Goosebumps! When Heatblur is in, i am too. Cant wait to fly this beauty!
  21. But the thing is that they made it possible to assign a button for each position (see screenshot) but we are not allowed to use it?
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