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  1. Thats the reason why I made it. I wanted to have a quick overview. I think I will correct the CBU mistake and load it up as a kneeboard image.
  2. This is a list I created... I use it on the second Monitor as a "cheatsheet". I think it is fairly complete.
  3. It is such a well made aircraft (the real one and Dekas) Thank you!
  4. Unfortunately POS seems to be useless until next update... They already confirmed it as bug that this mode cant detect SA2, 11 and what not else...
  5. Hello! I tried the Boresight Procedure... but it is very useless if you cant lock a tree for example, as it seems the MAV is unable to. I was in range but didnt get collapsed crosshair. Do we have to lock it on a tank or a bunker or any other military target? This would make the whole boresight process very difficult as we have to boresight it in the actual target range.
  6. Hello! The new Kneeboard is awesome! Resizing, mouse page turn and the pins are very nice tools! The last thing that would make these new features even more awesome would be to have an option to make the pins permanent. So that we dont have to set them at every mission start. Would be nice to start a mission and have the previous set pins in place. Thanks
  7. Hello! Is the TDC Axis still bugged? Couldnt find anything in the changelog. Thanks
  8. I hope we soon get updates for such important sytems like more stable flcs, antiskid and the SPI.
  9. I already opened a thread in the bugs section but it got a "can not reproduce" title. I solved this with improvising my own chocks. See post #9 in this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-a-10c-ii-tank-killer/controller-questions-and-bugs/290158-cannot-reproduce-rolling-in-idle-power
  10. Hello! I already have a similar post here in the general forum, but in this post I found out that ther display for the C701 missile is set to "L -9" by default. This is why I thought I get no picture, but the brightness was just way too low. I asked if a moderator can move the topic in here, but no response. Thats why I write here again.
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