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  1. Linking my thread here for future reference. Issue may be related. Thread
  2. As the title says. I've tested this with the Viper and Jeff instant action missions. Comparison is attached. Exports become almost useless in nighttime.
  3. I'm using a helios profile made by Capt Zeen. The profile works fine but the displays extracted through DCS are somehow darker than what they are in my main screen. I tried playing with the brightness knobs but it does not help. Please see the attached for side by side comparison of DDD and TID.
  4. I'm also crashing around 70% with an i7-4930K It freezes before the crash for about half a minute with these entries in the log ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: render target 'mainDepthBuffer_copy' not found ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: render target 'DummyShadowMap' not found I tried the usual clean, repair and delete saved games folder. dxdiag attached === Log opened UTC 2020-05-27 07:16:04 2020-05-27 07:16:03.275 INFO DCS: Command line: "D:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS.exe" --force_disable_VR 2020-05-27 07:16:03.275 INFO DCS: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.18363) 2020-05-
  5. i came to see if anyone else reported this. i can confirm it as of today.
  6. The interactive text instructions seems to be in wrong order and/or does not wait for spacebar to be pressed. I've got instructions about importing coordinates and the data cartridge right after turning the battery switch on for instance.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply QuiGon!
  8. I'd like to repeat the original question. Are there any news on the steam release?
  9. I was able to duplicate this independently with 111 knots and a google search led me to this post. Happened in the built in landing quick mission.
  10. Could this be the reason dynamically spawned infantry (CTLD) not appearing in mist.makeUnitTable({"[blue][vehicle]"})and [color=#2C2D30][font=Slack-Lato]mist.DBs.aliveUnits[/font][/color]I can still force the table to update using a "manual" PLAYER LEAVE UNIT event though. Also i noticed the birth events for the spawning infantries is there, but it has a time tag of 0 (10 mins into the mission). Can that be causing the DCS database to ignore these events?
  11. I would like to bump this, it has been long enough. Right?
  12. Check out ...\DCS World OpenBeta\MissionEditor\GameGUI.lua
  13. thanks for the fast reply. it seems that im a few days behind you guys :) btw check your pm xcom
  14. i wonder if dofile works within the API environment. that way you can store lives of pilots in a file as a table in the scripting environment and then call it from the API environment.
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