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  1. It isn't integrated yet. Therefore no images.
  2. Germany had no DASS whatsoever. They bought into the EuoDASS consortium only in 2001. It was to late to equip dome of the T1s and they subsequently had none at all. There was no German version. Consideration was given to use the EADS developed Sky Buzzer TRD, but they eventually opted for the Ariel like anybody else. PIMAWS was also never integrated on the German aircraft. Those receiving the DASS got the same system as everybody else, with exception of the LWR.
  3. Yes very much like the PW II itself. There should be around 30 single seaters still in service. The twins have been reitred, the remainder will soldier on for a decade or so for QRA and aggressor training.
  4. Yes the KFF was a notable exception. The Mk80 series is planned to be integrated on the Kuwaiti jets. Initially the Mk82/83 , later on the Mk84. Other than these it's not particularly likely that unguided munitions will be integrated though. Btw nice image.
  5. It would have been more likely yes. In contrast to popular believe the Typhoon was from the onset conceived as a multirole platform. This is evident by the number of store stations, the specification of several A/S radar modes, FLIR modes, but also by tje scope of the DASS and other features which are more unusual for a typical fighter. Integration of unguided munitions was originally planned, as was the integration of the Maverick, HARM and ALARM. in the post Cold War era requirements changed. A/S has become of greater importance, but the mission priorities changed as well. LGBs and dual-mode
  6. I think it has been mentioned somewhere in the early 2000s that CRV-7 and BL-755 integration was omitted. There have been some images of DA7 with dual racks holding two BL-755. There were a couple of images of the prototypes with a lot of weapon configurations. But in RL most of them never made it onto the jet.
  7. All German T1 twin seats and the first ten single seats are not equipped with DASS.
  8. First hurdle taken. Now it must be brought to life.
  9. That's only for the initial release. The stated intention is that other nations' aircraft will follow suite later on.
  10. Check the facts and myths thread's opening post to get a clue what weapon options you might expect, dependent on the capability standard. Take into account that the module with start of with a purely AA capable variant only.
  11. MIDS Cooperator. That's your Flight and/or Team members or wingmen if you want to call them like that. Target assignments can only be performed for COOPs. There are further functions that are applicable to COOPs only.
  12. @Wizard_03 A careful look at the images released thus far unveils a Tranche 2/3 cockpit layout, which could be anything between Block 8 and 25. If you read the opening post in the facts and myth thread you'll recognise that the Block number is not really of relevance. TG already stated that they'll opt for the most advanced capability standard they can achieved, which is still under negotiation with licence holder. The letters are refered to as Track Cross Refence Index (TCRI). As its name implies the TCRI is uswd to cross relate tracks across the different tactical head down and head up
  13. What makes you think that we'll get an SRP 4.1 standard? TrueGrit has not announced the capability standard they will aim for, also due to ongoing negotiations with legal entities. To answer your question MIDS data are fused with onboard sensor tracks to produce a coherent set of fused track files. The logic for displaying tracks on the HUD is somewhat different in the Typhoon. There you get all designated targets displayed. Dependent on the standard COOPs are also displayed.
  14. Might well be the placeholder 3D model. There have already been a couple of images showing RAF Typhoons with the PIRATE. I'm sure TG will provide an update on this.
  15. It's not just one SME, but a couple of them! But I agree thta these circle running discussions are somewhat exhausting and pointless. Instead of being grateful of getting one of the most advanced tactical combat aircraft available today in DCS many are just ehining and complaining about all sorts of things from "how can it be realistic" over "it will spoil multiplayer balance" etc. I think that this is precisely not the kind of discussions and feedback that the developers should receive just for trying to get a modern type of aircraft into one of the best commercial combat flight sims on the m
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