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  1. Damn, didn't even look for a phrase, what a noob. I'll remember to look for phrases. Thx
  2. Thank you for a quick response. Question: I know "Chief" is in the keyword list but "chocks" is not. So how does that work? Thank You.
  3. New to Voiceattack and VAICOM. Supercarrier, What voice command would I use to have the ground crew remove the wheel chocks? "Ground Crew" is in the keyword list but chocks is not. Looking at the manual I see where you can add alias's to a keyword but I don't see how yo add a "new" word to the keyword list.
  4. I'm using the "Supercarrier Cold Start" mission. Will this mission allow me to do a proper launch, fly out +50nm and then a recovery with all the proper communication? Thx
  5. I had the same problem, there is a handy program that lets you go from 2.5.6 to 2.7 OB. "DCS Updater Utility.exe". Worked great for me."
  6. dbunger


    Great work all, and free to boot!!
  7. I thought from release version 2.5.6 to OB 2.7 would work? If not, what to do?
  8. No, I'm not smart enough to be asking any of those responses. I was thinking 2.5.6 is release and 2.7 is beta? Just wanted to know if you can go from release to beta.
  9. Thx, I'll give that a try today!
  10. I usually loss lock around 30 degrees. Here's the video showing this pilot keeping lock well past 60 degrees.
  11. I'm following the Grim Reapers video on Cranking. I'm in the F-18 and using the Aim 120C. I'm flying out to the bad guys, my RDR is in RWS 4 Bar 80 deg. I lock the bandit up at about 30-40nm. All conditions are meet?, same altitude, head-on closing fast. When I get to the proper distance(25nm)and Crank, I suppose to keep him 60-70 degrees off my nose but I lose lock. It can be done because it shows it in the vid. so I must be missing something. Any help would be appreciated, Thx
  12. Thx for the help. I feel a bit foolish.
  13. Did I miss that in the description some where? I did download a different file with the same issue, must need a different map too. The Nevada Test Range Map I assume. If not missed could you tell me where you got that info? Thank you.
  14. DCS site, downloads\user files and do a search for DCS Debrief. He has only 1 file. I did notice that most people in the videos I looked at had the WinRAR Icon on their .miz file. I did change the file extension of that file to .rar and extricated something.? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309574/
  15. Thank you for your response. I have been dropping the .miz file in the location you show. I even created a folder and put a new downloaded file in the folder. When I launch the game and go to the location /My Missions and browse the folder that I created is there, so I know I'm browsing to the correct location but alas no file shows up. If I copy a mission file from say, the default missions and drop it in the folder I created or just the default location it's there. So... it seems to be just the ones I'm downloading that don't show up. I looked at the properties of both files and they seem to be identical. Any ideas? Thx
  16. I'm running DCS 2.5 (Not Steam) and installed on my second Drive D:. However some files still loaded on C dive under my user name. I did a search for .miz files on both hard drives and found the mission files on my D dive under DCS\mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Missions\single. Don't know if this is normal? So when I drop the .miz file (it's DCS Debrief file off of the DCS site) and go into the game it only lets me browse the C drive. The strange thing is If I drop the .miz file in a folder I created on the C dive then go into the game and under My Missions and browse to that folder it does not see the .miz file. Any help would be appreciated. Thx
  17. That was it, the power knob! (ILS in the Nav Mode Panel was an easy one to miss too but I picked that up from a different vid, thx for your input you guys are great!) Thx for the help!
  18. Never noticed that, I'll check it out tonight. Thx
  19. Setting my ILS to 110.30 MHz, HSI to 120 degrees but still telling me I need to setup my ILS. Is there a good tutorial on how to set this up. I have watched several vids on this but none seem to help with this mission even the video on this mission, Thx in advance
  20. I was just pulling back on the stick to hard, thx.
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