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  1. First things first - if you removed the Mods folder, you better run the Repair command, 'cause your game is already messed up (Mods folder contains free content required to run the game correctly as well). We also need more info - website-bought modules on website version of DCS? Steam-bought modules on Steam version? If the former, do you at least see them as "completed" on your orders list when you log in to the website?
  2. Looking at Pacific gun-cam vids of shipping strikes, 10 m is plausible, but 18? Mmmm... not so much in my opinion. There are some vids of modern 20+ mm guns fired at water targets during military exercises and they don't seem to produce splashes THAT high. In either case: a) I agree the width and transparency (or rather lack thereof) are waaay over the top; b) @Dietrich - these effects are core game features shared between all aircraft in DCS, so it's not a Fw-190 specific problem, is it?; c) I'd hazard a guess ED won't bother with changing the old splashes when com
  3. Nah, I can't quite agree with that. In tailwheel steer mode - yes, but in tailwheel loose mode, it's the same as the planes you mentioned.
  4. ^ That's because they don't have this bearing-related stuff implemented yet :D. Well, A-8 does, but since it adjusts throttle and pitch at the same time, it doesn't count. Seriously though, I think P-47 will be a testbed for a while before these effects get tweaked and introduced in other warbirds as well.
  5. If you use modelviewer more, you will notice there's even more old, unused stuff in there, down to whole unit models (I'm looking at you, P-51B...). As mentioned above, they're leftovers from unfinished work.
  6. Art-J

    DCS and SSD

    Given the sizes of the maps in DCS, all being higher than 15 GB, plus a couple of gigs for your plane and units around you, I suspect it's normal to get 20+ already while loading any mission.
  7. The files LeCuvier mentions are located in C:\Users\[your user name]\Saved Games etc... (this is where the game stores all your settings), not in the main game folder. Deleted them and the game will return to stock control bindings.
  8. Do you use game flight mode or simulation flight mode? I seem to recall trims just don't work in the former, but they do work in the latter and are very effective in the Mustang. Mind you, there's not way to trim any of the warbirds 100% for hands-off flight.
  9. No idea about multi monitor setups, but deleting options.lua file from your Saved Games location (C:\Users\[your name]\Saved Games\DCS\Config) should revert all your DCS settings to vanilla state for a good start.
  10. Well, ED "uses" Nick Grey's position in their business structure to ask him about feedback whenever they create and tune flight models for warbirds, so I'll take their word for it, at least for Mustang, Spit and Thunderbolt, 'cause we know Nick has hands-on experience with these. I guess it's the old "my real pilot's feedback is better than your real pilot's feedback" crap that we read on every single flightsim forum in existence. But then again, I suppose even Nick can't say anything about snap rolls behaviour, because restored warbirds tend to be flown at a fraction of their wart
  11. I'm not arguing using Saved Games for custom mods. That is indeed officially recommended method. What I say is, you can put whatever content you want in there, but if the current version of the game doesn't recognize old mod file format, the mod will just sit there but not work. That's what happens on your video. You've got default sounds playing, because Jafa's mod files (.wavs and .sdefs) are no longer recognized by current version of DCS (which uses encrypted .edc files only).
  12. 1) If source of the problem is hidden somewhere in the Saved Games, then neither DCS repair nor reinstalling the module will work, because these procedures don't affect Saved Games location. To be sure, You can temporarily remove/rename the whole Saved Games folder and check again (in free flight mission for example) how the airplane sounds then. 2) These are stock sounds in your video. Jafa's mod worked on the principle of replacing stock .wav and .sdef files and this method is not supported anymore.
  13. Just checked in latest OB and that mosquito-buzz definitely should NOT be there. Might be a leftover from some mod indeed, maybe not even Spitfire-related one (remember that quite a few sound samples in DCS are shared between different aircraft). Do the usual drill: disable mods, run repair&cleanup, check the "Saved Games" location for any sound-related custom files and mods...
  14. It's a detachable gun camera. In Mig-21 module it appears and disappears according to its switch position on the right vertical panel. Just turn it off and it will go away.
  15. Nobody knows, including ED. It's been reported though, so we can only wait.
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