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  1. thanks walmis! these are crazy insane
  2. when ever it tells me my CD key Expired all i do is pop the CD back in and play
  3. I'm getting Vista soon and im wanding, will it run properly on vista or do i have to wait to get it?
  4. where can i talk to an AMERICAN developer then? sorry guys i didnt realize this was a big problem. sorry for "spamming" also. and i also hate to say is that all teh sits ive been posting this i feel that some of these peeps are anti-american lol
  5. add more planes to USA make us all happy.
  6. Forget that, how bout give USA side more planes instead of and f-15 and A-10 how bout "Project Stealth" Adds F-22 raptor, just more planes for usa to many for russia.
  7. Ok, im tired of just flying F15 and A-10 and im tired of People of Lock on adding stuff foor russia they have enough stuff already how about add F-16's F-22's F14's F-5's and for black shark give USA and EU Tiger Atttack choppers and for USA make Apache's and Super Cobras PLEASE!
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